New forum layout

just wanted to say the new layout looks nice. looks elegant and modern.

i do feel like some things are still being worked on. but its a nice look no doubt.

community thoughts?


When I opened the forum site this morning I thought “whoa, this sure is different”. It looks good and nicely simplistic, so it’s definitely good in my book. There are some minor things that come with this design that aren’t ideal (like the loss of bordering between section tags which can make it just a bit harder to see that it’s actually a clickable link), but it looks very clean and modern, so it’s definitely an improvement for me.

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It’s a lot more focused, and I like that.

The new layout means it’s more intuitive to filter by category using the controls - the old forum layout was too close to a traditional forum, so my brain was stuck in “scroll to see subforums” when that wasn’t actually the optimal way to filter topics :slight_smile:

Only complaint is the text spacing is a bit too narrow in the posts themselves.

Not a fan tbh, it was a lot easier to navigate the subforums on the older layout with more compact and color coded categories. everything is monochrome now (including usernames and titles) and it just blends together.

edit: just noticed that the categories are still color coded, although rather minimalisticlally.
what i meant is that upon opening a subforum/category, the sections are not color coded ie all the class specific subcategories are the same color and only the latest posts have a hint of color.

also i feel like there’s way too much wasted space with this layout the older one felt a lot more compact, i’m comparing it right now with another forum running discourse

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I like the new look, but I’m bugged that they’ve updated the forum again and it’s still missing something that I consider an essential, basic quality-of-life function: A frickin’ “mark all as read” button on sub-forums. PLEASE implement this feature, if possible.

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You mean “Dismiss…” on the “new” tab, cause we have on on the unread? I do want to fix this.

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I’m a grumpy old curmudgeon who resists change at every turn. So no. Now, git of my lawn!

Haha. Nah, it’s nice and all the better for my old man eyes to see with.

Sort of. I basically want the “Dismiss” button on the “latest” tab too, not only on “new” and “unread”. Yes, that means I want to be able to “dismiss” every single post in a sub-forum at once.

Greetings, I have been going over the FAQ’s and followed the support emails for increasing trust levels, however I have hit a few roadblocks in reaching out to someone for support. Would it be possible to have a Mod PM me for some followup. I am trying to work in a community discussion but I am limited to my responses. I have edited my last reply however this is not very efficient in moving forward with troubleshooting.

While I understand that these are mechanisms that are put in place to prevent noise or malicious activity; however this is very limiting to what I am trying to accomplish in my current discussion.
I would rather not spam a bunch of topics just to have this level increased naturally. I have attempted the following communications:
Forums Message to Moderators Group and Individual Moderators: Not allowed
Emailed to Bounce back not allowed

Thanks, I appreciate it.

I follow, I moved the discussion here:

Feel free to add a bit more context there regarding your workflow.