New game breaking bug! multi-play seriously broken!

Okay now that i have your attention let me point out this game breaking bug, Kamikaze. It seems all you have to do to win is be vaygr, build interceptor squads and kami any large ship to instantly take it out of the game. I had a lamer join my ONE game after 3 hours of trying to get one going to take the whole team out using this lame assed tactic. I tried to do the same as hiig and the ships would not kami at all. It needs to be tested with all races but at this point DO NOT allow vaygr in your games until it is fixed. Multi-player is completely broken, I’m wondering how this could have been missed but that is what betas are for. I wish I could have recorded the game but we don’t even have that functionality back yet.

I’m really disappointed, sigh.

Okay so I just finished testing this, only Vaygr seems to be able to
accomplish this, Kami doesn’t work very well with HW1 races and Hiig
just doesn’t pack the punch Vaygr does when doing it. Looks like you can
tell everyone to not use vaygr and have a game but that is it for now.

Calm yourself. It’s multiplayer Beta. We all know about the insane OPness of kamikaze right now. Beta. Things will change.

I’ve seen this too. I had someone bring a handful of strike craft at my mothership. So, I started gathering up a response. Seconds later, my mothership was gone - full health to dead in a matter of seconds.

Please don’t make dupes to get attention…

Hmm, this is a beta, bugs should be reported, people helping with the beta should know about the bugs, seems to me I did what I thought I needed to do. If we had a lobby to talk about things like this after they are found rather than trying to find the issues in the forum rather than play testing, I wouldn’t have felt the need to make sure everyone coming here saw the information. I posted as soon as I knew about the issue, I searched before posting and did not get a return for the search, thus the post, this wasn’t attention garnering, this was information dissemination.

Well, the main thing is it’s fixed now - so let’s close this :slight_smile:

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after testing with ratamaq last night, i can tell you with some assurance that the kami bug is extending far beyond the damage thy deliver upon crashing into their target. more to come, but kami is not working right.