New Game breaking Glitch?

Dear Gearbox
i have discovered a new game breaking glitch which lets you not complete the whole story,what this does is when you are in the ending cutscene,it just says “Your Disc is Unreadable,please clean with a soft cloth and reset your console”,im in the XB360 and on TVHM…plus i always clean my disc before i put them in.This is so frustrating cuz you wont get your enemies to scale to your lvl and more side missions.

thx Gearbox <3
(P.S. Im sorry if i put this in here,its my first time being on this site but been a borderlands fan since 2011)

also tell me a few suggestions that i can solve this on my own(thx in advance)

Old machine, possibly?

I’ve got to agree with @FlamesForAll that this is more likely an XBox issue - never had that happen to me in TPS. I’ve seen the same message once or twice on BL2 and other games, but usually because I hadn’t seated the game disk in the tray properly. Other games, it’s been because of a progressive flaw in the disk that wasn’t visible to the eye at first, but eventually showed up as a crack clean through the disk. If you have room on your drive, I’d suggest you try installing TPS to the drive and running it from there.

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you still need the disc then, don’t you?

+1 on installing the game to your console’s harddrive.

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yea,but the save will still be there

Im sorry for being stupid on asking this question,but dow do you do it? like transfer your save,i got a 200 GB harddrive but saved it in my memory unit…

Never done this (my son installed Fallout NV and some other stuff) but, according to the guys from the internet, “highlight the game in the XBL menu, but instead of pressing A to start it, press Y and you will see the option to install to HD.”

Yep, ^that^ is correct.

You should install it to the harddrive and not the memory unit.

Your save can be either place, and will not be affected.

From what I read while looking in to it, this is REALLY important - especially if you have the GOTY edition and want to play the DLC!

I’m not really sure what a “memory unit” is … I assume it is probably just a flash stick … maybe some xbox branded flash stick thing. Checking Google seems to confirm this.

A flash stick will usually not have as much room as a harddrive and will not be as fast as a harddrive.

The speed will affect how the game plays.

Hey Guys! I really thank you all for the suggestions you have given me and saving it in my hard drive actually worked!!but sadly,i didnt transfer it,it was really a pain in the ass leveling up again,lol,thx again

Any way of doing it without needing internet

Are you talking about installing your game on your 360 hard drive from disk without using the internet? Yes, you can do that. The instructions are up thread ^^^