New game mechanic suggestions

Gearbox obviously loves their fans so much so they would love to hear suggestions for some short and doable game mechanics they may want to add to keep the fans buying. (Or at least that what Claptrap told me anyway what do I know I work for Ja……Jakob Corp yeah we just want to hear more about the fans.

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I think that we should have some instant kills something that will showcase the awesomeness of the new 4 vault hunters maybe if a enemy is at about 25% or so you can hit a button and get a cool instant kill animation. What do you think.

This was cool in Skyrim until it wasn’t. Lol. And with the pace of borderlands, that just seems moderately wreckless. However, if it was saved for only being used on the last mob in a legion…that might be cool?

If DOOM has taught me anything its that kill-moves can be entertaining without slowing down combat.