New game mode | blind run

Game mode : Blind run
Game mode description : Particular mode, probably fun (possibly not fun), but with an unpredictability that would bring a particular challenge. In this mode, white, green, legendary and boss items would have the exact same skin (perhaps like the one when using the command artifact, but without color changes between rarities) and the same drop probability (equippable items would be purchasable by stores, and commonly obtainable lunar items), in order to force the player to adapt and make do with what he has, making research, hope and prediction futile. The progression of the levels would also be random, but it would certainly be the fact that every 5 levels there would be the lunar portal to be able to face the final boss. For anyone who dares to engage in this particular and confusing adventure, and manages to get out of it alive, he would be rewarded with as many lunar coins as the levels completed, with a double if you can beat the final boss, and a bonus of 50% for every 10 levels. completed.
In addition to the lunar coins, anyone who manages to complete this strange adventure will have the opportunity to have access to special equipment, details of which will be written below.
Name : 12 o’clock
Aspect : A beautiful gold and platinum colored wristwatch.
Rarity : equipment
Effect : Upon activation, a powerful pulse would be emitted that would distort time, blocking enemies and their bullets in the air, as well as damage taken by survivors, who can move freely and hit enemies without problem. In addition to the movement of enemies, as long as the effect is active (about 12 seconds) also the spawn of new enemies, and the progress of time would be totally blocked, but due to mysterious laws of space-time, this equippable seems indifferent to the effects of reduced charging time. Cooldown 60 seconds.The cooldown begins once the effect is over.
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