New Game Mode/Difficulty Option Idea

My main gripe with the borderlands games is how the skill trees work. For example, if you want to use Zane’s Confident Competence skill in the Barrier tree you have to spend 10 skill points on other skills above it so that you can then spend 1 more point to get that specific skill. My idea for this new game mode or difficulty will eliminate that.

In this mode all skills will be “unlocked” and available for purchase from the start of the game, as well as the augments. Meaning, if you wanted to, you could put your first skill point into a capstone skill and immediately use your 2 augment slots.

It would be unlocked by completing the main story in TVHM and would be called Experimental Vault Hunter Mode. It would also have access to all content including mayhem; the only change would be what I mentioned above.

Being able to get whatever skill you want without having to waste skill points on seemingly useless skills just to get to the one you want is something I’ve always wanted in a borderlands game.

Sounds a bit OP but then again, most people can steamroll M10 allready :joy:

Wouldn’t really mind this hahaha

hurr durr i only wanna pick skills that scale well and than complain game is too easy… OOF

Ya, the OP factor is high… but OP is fun sometimes.

Also would be cool if it was just a demo version of the game that allows players to do this as well as having access to every item in the game at max level and with the anointment of their choosing. Kinda like a Creative Mode for Borderlands.

Sometimes you just wanna hop on the game and use a specific gun and kill some things, but wait… you don’t have that gun. Then, you either spend umpteen thousand hours farming for it or you don’t play the game… this has been my internal struggle since a couple months after the 2nd DLC released.

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lol borderlands 2, level 7 axton 1 skill point nukes, 1 skill point double turrets game complete XD.

The idea just has some issues. also I wouldn’t want to have to run the story again.
I had this idea back in the bl2 days and i’m pretty sure a lot of others at the time had it to.

Which is probably why they implemented half of it in bl3…

The idea is skills on class mods are auto activated no matter how far into the tree you are, my second part of that, would be for skills given on class mods to be counted towards the 5 skill points needed to get to the next rank in a tree.

That would do the same thing of saving you skill points in your build while also making class mods and the skills on them more relevant/important.

Having abilities on legendary coms kind of ruins this because the skills on those coms don’t always synergize with the ability.

That and legendary coms don’t give a bunch of skill points anymore which limits the benefit.