[New Game Mode] Hyper Mode

It’s a modification of the regular game mode.

You start at LV1 with a new character, with the first 5 mins (Claptrap intro) skipped.


  • Skills become active at LV2 - instead of LV5
  • You immediately start out with 10 skill points.
  • You gain 2 skill points per level instead of 1
  • Badass Ranks are disabled (but you can still earn them)
  • Maximum level for the player is 30.


  • Player can perform a mid-air jump
  • Player walk/sprint/aiming speed +25%
  • Player air travel and falling speed +40%
  • Fire rate and reload speed are +20% faster
  • Enemy movement/animation/attack speed +30%
  • Enemies deal +20% more damage (+5% for each additional player)
  • Enemies gain +50% more health


  • Vending machine items cost 50% less
  • Dying costs 50% more
  • Slot machines costs double but chances for rare weapons and eridium are higher.

You need to sober up and re-think this idea! :smile:


To me this sounds like a nightmare of mode to play, especially in areas heavy with melee oriented enemies. The phrase “Quick and the Dead” is easily applied since standing still would just give the enemy enough time to simply close the distance before you have a chance to react.

I don’t even wanna think about fighting Rabids with such buffs…

For anyone that likes chaotic, fast paced gameplay though this would be a blast for them.


You’ll end up with so many skillpoints that you probably end up able to fill in every skill and then some.

30 x 2 + 10 = 70.

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Your maths is wrong. They don’t get 2 skill points for level 1. Also, 50% more enemy health is pathetic, UVHM is what, double or triple enemy health values?

I think it is quadruple and the health is not what usually causes problems for people, the health regeneration however does.

If there is a set of number tweaks I do not like it is the enemy speed buffs. While such buffs will make sniper and rocket launcher totting enemies more dangerous it will also make Rats and Scavengers very hard to kill with any non-splash weapon. Buzzards will also be absurdly frustrating as they zoom around noticeably faster. If they are applicable to raid bosses and ultra tough enemies such as the Iron God, Rock God, fully juiced up Goliaths, and other tough enemies they are going to be a nightmare to fight.

Get four Gunzerkers in one game and the Salvador Seizure Procedure will become a thing.

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A valid effort. I appreciate people coming up with new ideas and this isnt exactly a flawwed one but uh… you might wanna get back to the drawing board buddy. Borderlands is unbalanced enough as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

@Troubled: …or any hyper-aggressive enemy.

Also, four Gunzerkers and Salvador Seizure Procedure? Unfamiliar with it…is that meaning a) Salvador seizing control, or b) Salvador causing a seizure?

Four Sal’s using FotFH means the risk of seizure suddenly becomes apparent. Not sure if that’s what @Troubled meant, but that’s certainly something to keep in mind.

@Raven_Ghosthawk What I meant by Seizure Procedure is that Sal’s chaotic fighting style would be taken to a whole new level with all the speed buffs.

It would be even worse if a fire rate boost was suggested as such an outpouring of bullets, especially Torgue munitions, could very well lock up anyone’s console/pc.

4 axtons with 2 turrets out each would be painful too.

Gaige would be sick at this. She would gain Anarchy SO damn fast. With her shield skills and her (and DTs) epicness with various shields, the Enemy damage boost would only serve to trigger it quicker. She’d be a walking font of distruction. Too broke.

That enemy damage buff would also be quite nasty and force people to rely more on Moxxi weapons than we do now. 20% is quite a bit and with four people (assuming it counts the original person) that is a 40% damage boost which is quite huge.

If anything I feel that Hyper Mode would bring back my Halo legendary difficulty playstyle: Playing slow and safe while also playing peak-a-boo with every enemy I come across. I have a feeling just about everyone else would be doing the same thing.


Good stuff right here.

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I miss that level of difficulty where cranking it up did not mean enemies would just get beefier and do more damage; they would get more aggressive, smarter, and had a higher rate of fire. In the later games the elites would actually crouch down to sneak up and whack you upside the back of the noggin. They would also hijack your vehicle when you weren’t looking and would rush you if you stuck them with a grenade.

Nostalgia indeed.


“Too much awe…sum…nezz…do…hen…dull…”