New Game Mode Ideas

So, I was thinking that we as a community could come together and make an awesome game mode. This, of course, will just be an idea and there would be no guarantee that the devs put it in the game.

-In this thread no ideas are stupid ideas
-Never call someone else’s idea stupid or be rude to them. You may explain why their idea is wrong.
-IF YOU ARE READING THIS right now then do not ignore it. We have to have all of the community helping. If you don’t have an idea of your own then read other people’s ideas and comment on them like “Hey good idea! We could also…” or “That’s a good idea but it wouldn’t work out well because…”

-This could also help the developers. They would be able to read all of their fan’s game mode ideas right in one place.

(FOR MODERATORS: This Thread is under General Discussion, we will be having a General Discussion about the game.)

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Ok so here is a random discussion-starting idea. You may add to then or come up with a completely different idea.

-Instead of fighting against another team, all 10 of you work together towards one goal, to conquer the impossible.

Its been said before , but i will say it again. Horde mode. 5 players against wave after waves of minions.


O.o I love it!

Then at certain waves there could be bosses.

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Lol I feel like we are making a black ops zombies mode. However, it sounds super fun. We could put our own BattleBorn spin on it.

Hm. Ok. So I looked up that thread. It has 1.4 k views so that game mode is most likely already gonna happen. Let’s plan a different one.

A mode where there is an explosive or something and a few areas for each team and the team’s have to plant the explosive at one of the other team’s area and defend it until it blows up

I appreciate all ideas submitted. In no way am I saying this to criticize other people’s ideas. However, we need to come up with something unique. Not something that the game developers can get from a call of duty game. It has to be something they would not come up with off the top of their heads. Ignore my first post. No team death match discussion.

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I second horde mode.

Here is what I have always wanted .i would love to see a game mode as multiplayer without having parties(clans)that come in and take the fun out of a game for single players.i understand this is a big market for the gaming industry being they have tournaments etc with these groups that run together .i do not have hours in the day to constantly keep up with clan members and practice and able to play gaming throughout the day.i have a few hours in the morning and few hours at night to play and relax.i get so tired of black ops,etc clans that gather as a group to strategize a game plan.why not go on a multiplayer vs with individual skills instead of group skills.that in my opinion would be an awesome addition to another game mode for would give us guys that do not run in groups to have a better chance .lol

While it may be true that people in clans tend to come up with strategies for winning, and fight in groups, people do that anyway. Even when I am with random people we have healers healing and the tanks fighting upfront. Especially for people with mics.

How about a horde mode variant that works a bit more like Super Puzzle Fighter. 5v5 with objectives of some kind. When you complete objectives, it spawns enemies that the OTHER team has to fight. No/limited respawns. The objective would be to down all opposing players/use up their lives.

I was thinking that myself. I like the idea.

I would think it would be more like ME3’s co-op horde mode.

Face waves of enemies, but every even numbered wave would have an objective that requires completing, and the enemies wouldn’t stop spawning until that objective is complete. Be it capturing/defending some point on the map, collecting an objective and bring it to a drop off point, or kill a specific enemy(boss or just a regular enemy with buffed health).

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Well it’s not a new idea, but I’m a fan of “Payload”.

team deathmatch like gamemode ?

Hey asome126. I was thinking more along the line of a death match where it could be 6-10 players free for all. Pick a map and let the carnage begin.

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You’re talking about Mercenary Team Deathmatch type modes…those are games where teams of people can’t join in, only individuals. And I agree.

Smaller 2/3 man team type objective games with multiple teams…maybe 5 teams of 2/3. They all work to move a center to grab a transistor “key” to a randomized mech box “lock” location. The team that hits 10 “unlocks” wins with the final game screen cutting to some sort of epic launch or explosion or some other type of galactic or mechanical cut scene.

I said 2 per team to keep it small and teamwork going, but 3 would have the use of a defender, healer, attacker working better.

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