New Game Mode Proposal - King of the Mountana

Not sure if this has been brought up before, but I think Battleborn would do well with some light-hearted quick games.

My proposal? ‘King of the Mountana!’

In this game mode each team is equipped with only Montanas (minigun optional) with the extended dash helix previously built-in. The fight takes place on the flat top of a round pillar, with the objective of knocking all other montanas off (could be free for all or team-based) using a reduced cool down dash. There would be special items that provide buffs (reduced knockback, etc).

No respawn, but best out of 3? (Possibly a skirmish type waiting room game while matches are being coordinated?)

–anyone that played Mario party 64 will know what I’m talking about here :slight_smile:


I need this.


I’m all for anything that is Montana-centric


This sounds fun but also I spent a lot of time hanging on that middle platform in Heliophage and I promised myself; never again.

I’m all for Montana falling to his death from a mountain top… as long as I could do it with a diff char.

This sounds ridiculously fun!

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