New game modes. I am just trying to help with brainstorming

Now I am not trying to tell any one how or what they need to do to this game, But I had a few idea’s if these have already been done please let me know, It is true I have not played in a long time. I just see this game as one that had devs that put their hearts into a game so I wanted to try to help, Again these are just ideas I understand if most are failures and or not good but we do not have to attack each other over it,But here we go…


Capture the flag
A medium sized map with the bases across from each other with minions some what near the middle that respawn and run towards mid again that also try to slow down flag carriers and also can be killed for exp to level up, Make sure if both flag carriers have a flag they can not cap until the enemy flag is dropped and returned, Small damage and health power ups some where on the map to make it interesting maybe two each, Able to use crystals/shards to add defenses like turrets to the flag room to help defend or to use crystals/shards to add aggressive minions that try to rush the enemy flag room to help obtain the enemy flag. How many turrets…hmm that really depends on the rooms size, for a medium room hmm…3, How many players 5v5 or maybe 10v10?

A large map with two keeps surrounded by a wall,The objective is to kill the other teams boss, The boss will be in a fortified area and to get to said boss you have to use minions to sacrifice them selves either by blowing up at the gate or maybe going into a furnace? To take down the walls and the walls will have a form of guards around them so players actually have to help defend either their wall or defend the minions well actually the teams will have to do both, There could also be a few towers in the match that have some sort of mini boss once you kill said mini boss your team gets that tower and the mini boss becomes theirs the mini boss will defend said tower and the tower could give small buffs or maybe the tower could spawn more minions if the enemy team kills your mini boss then they get the tower, Or maybe taking the tower debuffs the enemies boss. Crystal/shards to spend on stronger minions,Turrets for defense,Accelerators, Healing stations, How many minions to break the wall? Well maybe 20 minions and it spawns 2-3 from your base at a time with the tower adding 1 per few minutes? It may be a bit much,How many players in the match hmm that is a tough one as well…maybe leave it as it is 5v5? or possibly 15v15? A true chaotic mode >_<. Maybe this mode can drop unique skins.

Flag Domination
A medium sized map with four objective points an objective point on the Top left,Top right,Bottom left,bottom right with minions sort of off to the side in the middle of the top left and bottom left and minions in the middle of the top right and bottom right for players to kill to gain levels and to get crystals/shards and a flag in the middle of four objectives pretty much the middle of the map the players would fight over the objectives for points while also trying to get the flag to one of their objective points to gain points towards their score, Crystal/shards could be used to add defense to the map to try to slow down teams from going across the map to get objectives as easy or healing stations, Or add some thing near the flag maybe a accelerator? 5v5, Maybe 10 points of score per 5 seconds of holding a point so if you had all 4, 40 points of score per 5 seconds, flag gives 100 points of score, First to 2000 wins?

1v1 2v2 3v3 5v5
Small map with both sides having the same amount of minions just out side of their gates, Team vs team, Each team will have to decide to level up quickly or try to charge the enemy team not letting them level up off of the minions or try to level off of the minions them selves, These modes would be played the same except for 5v5 in 5v5 you could use Crystals/shards to build Turrets,Accelerators,Healing stations etc well if the match lasted that long "which I think some matches would, I am sure most understand them modes but if not , One player versus one player, Two players versus two players, Three players versus three players, Five players versus Five players.

Team Deathmatch
Medium to large map, Minions scattered on the map, Crystals/Shards used for well any thing that could be built, The objective would be the first team to 50 kills if that is to much maybe 15 minutes and the closest to 50 when the time runs out wins. 5v5


Adding more to the Story Mode
Not new and I am sure you are already working on that :smiley: so thank you for that.

Raid Mode
Medium to Big sized map starting off at the beginning you just fight through trash minions then you come across trash minion and a few elite minions in the first room that need to be CC’ed to help kill maybe? That leads to more areas of the map until you come to the first raid boss where it has quite a bit of mechanics to watch out for it is the first boss so no need for it to be to crazy just enough for players to understand this is going to be challenging for the rest of the raid it will just get tougher and tougher, Now before any one freaks out I do not mean for the raids to have better equipment, Just to drop unique skins like strong hold.

Time Attack
Take missions from the story or create some missions or even maybe time attack of some raid bosses >_< where players of 5 (10 for raid bosses) can create a group and try to down them quickly to have a friendly competition on leaderboards.

Of course you would need new skins for Raid and Stronghold and I know it would be alot of work and I mean ALOT of work but I see the devs care for this game so I wish to help a bit by throwing ideas around, My apologies if I seem like I am trying to tell the devs what to do, I just see Battleborn trying and would like to help with brainstorming.

If you did not want brainstorming again my apologies I will keep these ideas to my self next time.

If you did like these idea’s well let’s build off of them :smiley: or maybe try to get the devs to notice we still care.


Survival mode, fight wave after wave and after so many waves a boss shows up then continue wave after wave again until another boss shows up each wave getting stronger and stronger this keeps going until your team decides to quit or dies, You get more and better rewards the longer you last. 5 players.