New game team-up

I’m looking for a group of players to start a new game with in Pre-Sequel. I’m online most of the time, though my timezone puts my current time as at 306pm Wednesday the 18th. Looking for people wanting a relaxed friendly play with a team of different classes, I’ll either be playing as Claptrap or Jack. My gamertag is Lycos S Devanos

If interested, feel free to send a message or friend request.

Just curious which timezone you are in and what hours within your timezone that you are typically online.

I’ll likely add you later, seeing as you said you’re ‘online most of the time’, or alternatively you can add me - my GT is the same as my username here.

I still have a L1 Enforcer and a L5 Lawbringer gathering dust, and have a buddy who might be interested in joining as well.
What’s your timezone?

Ah right, my timezone is UTC +12, basically I’m in New Zealand. So as of posting this, its 352pm Friday the 20th. I hope that helps, and generally I’m online as long as I’m awake or home. Also my character options would now be either Jack, Claptrap or Baroness though more likely the former two then the baroness

Alright, I’ll add you to my FL and we’ll probably bump into eachother.