New game uodates

Was playing and got a message asking to reset to play with new game updates, right before midnight on dec 29 going into dec 30.

What platform, and when’s the last time you played the game before tonight/ updated the game. A Hotfix update came out last thursday or the thursday before that.

I would expect a post X-mas update as well for the new players, but they are usually done on Thursday so this would be early, or… you’re just receiving the older one late.

It’s almost certainly an older one. If you don’t wait for the hotfix to activate you can be interrupted with the same message which has been described here during gameplay (at least this is the case on the Xbox).

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Yep I think that is what happened to the oo

That’s almost certainly a hotfix notification. I’ve never seen that for a true update (not on XBox anyway - that triggers a system prompt when you go to launch the game). As others have said, chances are you skipped into the game before the hotfix fully loaded, which is why you got the message later.

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