New Game Updates Available Today (4/1/2020)

I just loaded into BL3, started to play, and got a notice that said “New Game Updates Available Do You Want to Return to the Main Menu and Apply”.

Was there an update released today?

Probably the hot fix is not loaded in yet when you start.

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Yep, you’ll get that if you load the game before the hotfix gets applied.

OK. Thanks guys. I have never seen that message before. I’m usually pretty careful about stating the game before I see the Hotfixes Applied sign, but you are probably right.

I’ll try to replicate it.

I guess it could be caused by my slow internet speed. I mean, even though the Hotfix Applied sign is loaded, my slow connection might prevent the file from being fully loaded before I start.

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I feel ya on the slow I internet front. My connection is from the 90’s

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Ah… was wondering why my Iron Bear wasn’t a cuddly little thing. Reloading!

Funny you should mention Iron Bear. I just tried to play a run through of the Takedown. Everytime I entered Iron Bear, I felt like i was on the floor. He was getting bounced around by everyone.

I decided top take a look through photo mode. I was surprised to see that my mighty Iron Bear was 1/4 my size. He shrunk!

I have no idea what caused this, but I am reloading the game now.

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That sucks.

Same thing here, died twice and it’s just a general nuisance overall. Wouldn’t even be a problem if the takedown event wasn’t ending tomorrow. Great joke…where do I opt out?

No. That message you got that explains there is an update doesn’t mean the thing it says.

It means there’s a hotfix that did not get applied, which can be remedied by waiting at the main menu until the ‘hotfix loaded’ sign appears. Would it be better if the message said ‘hotfix’ instead of ‘update’? Probably. Not a big deal though.

(And please don’t double-post the same thing - thanks.)


April fool’s day lol.

I’ve got Comcast and it’s supposed to be 300/10Mbps, but with the throttling going on due to the demand I can see lag like nobody’s business now. I guess as long as it stays available I can’t complain.

I’m running CenturyLink DSL 10 mbps down 1 up lmao

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Ouch, I feel for you. I can’t imagine how it plays. Is it ok for you?