New Game With Aurelia - Constant Ice Effects?

I’m at level 12 with Aurelia and all game non-cryo weapons are freezing enemies very frequently. I didn’t see this listed as one of her abilities. Is this WAD?

You can let us know your current build using the skill calculator - just copy/paste the link once you’ve filled it out. The “Cold Money” tree has some interesting stuff in it, although at level 12 you wouldn’t have the capstone. It’s amazing how much cryo damage you can deal with Bitter Riposte, Winter’s Fury, and Fragment Rain though.

I think you’re just seeing the effect of Cold as Ice freezing enemies and mistaking it as your weapons doing the freezing. It isn’t until you reach the capstone that you can add cryo to non-cryo weapons.

Must have been some sort of glitch. Stopped happening after reloading.

This was user error as well. Those Avalanche Kraggons freeze right before they die!