New games to play on ps4

Are there any games for ps4 that a Borderlands lover like myself would like to enjoy? It can be of any age level, as I love it all but want to play some new stuff as well

Battleborn. :sunglasses:

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If you love loot and playing different classes there is always Diablo 3.

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I’ve thought about it, but I’ve always thought it was an mmorpg, and I have limited internet from time to time

It’s completely offline (and extremely fun).

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Oh wow that sounds great! I’ll have to get that on my next trip into GameStop. I’m thinking about getting gtaV as well

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Those two games will keep you busy for a very long time. Happy gaming alex.

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What @AMG_75 said, OP. You can play Diablo III with up to 3 other people (4 players total), but it is entirely possible to play the game solo and offline. Also, you can have 1 active follower at a time (at least while playing solo, not sure about online) and some of the classes can even summon a creature to fight along side them. So, if you played as a Witch Doctor (for example), you could summon a familiar. IIRC, the Wizard class also gets a familiar.

I highly recommend both Diablo III and GTA V. I finished GTA V on Xbox 360 and plan on eventually getting it for Xbox One. It is the only GTA game that I actually ever finished. The story is very very good!

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It is indeed a very good game. I have it on the PS3 and it was one of the games I was working on when the console self destructed. I also plan on eventually getting it on the PS4.

Here is a pic I took right before my last save. Beautiful game, even on last gen.