New GB mini-game: M10 or not M10?

I have farmed on several occasions for a Sand Hawk and never saw one. The fight is a bit obnoxious so I was never able to farm for long periods. I have since acquired the anti-Katagawa Jr. weapon. An M10 OPQ:

This thing with that anointment is disgusting on a Deathless Moze and makes short work of him so I have been able to sustain a bit more of a farming run in search of the elusive Sand Hawk and luck has favored me a bit this evening with 4 of them in about 50 kills. However, I can’t tell which of these are M10 (if any…maybe all)?

I really don’t like this new GB mini-game so I’m asking all of you to be the next contestants on GB’s new and really unfun mini-game…M10 or not M10?? Please rate these 4 guns between M0 and M10 based on your own findings and guesswork!

Sand Hawk 1:

Sand Hawk 2:

Sand Hawk 3:

Sand Hawk 4:

Stupid Zero Tech!


They are working on improving weapon M level identification.


The first one seems oddly low, the rest are probably just different parts.


“This phase will also introduce a way to see which Mayhem Level your weapons and gear came from. In the item card, you’ll see a line that reads “Mayhem Level” and the corresponding number for the Mayhem Level where it dropped. You’ll see this text in the same area where Anointment descriptions are”

This isn’t what needs to be done though. Just cus your item dropped on mm10 doesn’t mean it’s mm10. Why is gear box blowing smoke up our yahoo’s? Just put what mm level the darn weapon is. It’s like the devs are sitting around spending more time trying to figure out ways to pull the wool over our eyes than fixing the game. Just put in what mm level the gun IS not what mm level it dropped on. Do they think we’re stupid,?


The first also has the highest mag, USUALLY a tell all for lowest damage.

Besides that, I have had 50% damage swings on weapons before M10 so these are all M10. A x2 weapon also will affect damage, sometimes to the point of the total damage being below a single projectile.

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Asa reference for sandhawk theres 8500 with 24 mag element cryo available.

Sooooo… Wt hell are those. . i just seemingly never get a usuable anoint

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May be instead of MH level indicator you guys should be asking for a ‘God roll’ flag or ‘perfection index’? There is always variance in what you get on the same level, unless parts are fixed, which does not seem to be the case here.

Personally I don’t even care about MH level being listed, it’s either better than what I’m holding now or not. YMMV, of course.


Fot what it is worth
I have fire one 8808x9 20mag
Cryo 8933x9 24 mag
rad 7094x9 28 mag

This said the only real question is do they kill people fast when you shoot at them? :rofl:
I have kaoson that are a bit low to be m10 they still wreck the place


Coming from five solid years of Destiny i find it really hard to work the guns out like higher damage stuff can do less work then something i found 5 levels ago ?

Well I remember when game was released the unerfed Torgue shotgun in my first playthrough I went to lv 18 with it :rofl:
recordman of longest levelling weapon and a blue one sir

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I’m pretty sure that all of the new weapons introduced as new dedicated drops will always drop at the mayhem level. I’ve gotten probably around 60 sand hawks at m10 and the damage scores fluctuate wildly from 6k to 9k but the parts and annoints supposedly make up for it.

That being said, the best one I have dropped at m9 which is 7k with the under 50%+150dam annoint. It’s just so strong

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I used a level 36 X18 Bangstick all the way to 50 lmao

Those Torgue shotty’s were INSANE!!!

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Why wouldn’t you care? If you farm for an item on M10 and you spend countless hours farming for something and 4 items drop but they are all M6. Do you now think the best of those 4 weapons is the best version of that gun so maybe no more farming is required? Maybe you have unlimited time to farm every boss for eternity but I think most want to know when they likely have the best version of something so they can move on. With no indication of that…who the hell knows??

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Yeah, I was hoping for that anointment but probably too much to ask for. lol.

Haha good luck dude. I’ve been trying to get that to drop on m10 for weeks now lol. That or the 300% annoint, no dice so far haha.

I get alot of Rakk attack ones for my nonexistent beastmaster though, so that’s cool haha

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The reason I personally don’t care is that I’m typically not looking for best version, but instead for a better one. Which is just a preference, really. It does have a side benefit of getting pleasantly surprised more often, though.

Now, all I was saying earlier on was that even if you put a MH level tag on the item card, you still don’t know whether you got the best one, because part variance exists. So, you still need to figure out whether Relentless or Dauntless Sandhawk in your example is better one, and MH level is not going to tell you that, I think.

Unless of course you know in advance exact prefix, element, anointment etc. you are after, but this is really a recipe for endless frustration IMHO, given all combinatorics.

I have about 350 items in my bank. Around 200 of them are pre-mayhem 2.0 garbage. Without a mayhem level on the card trying to sort through it and figure out what’s good and what’s isn’t to get rid of all the garbage is such chore that I can’t be bothered.


Well… I wonder if i could trade someone this. I dont even want it really lmao. Well my wife could use it. But she doesnt play anymore.

I think that’s why there are so many people pulling their hair out over drops. The “perfect parts” weapon has never mattered in Borderlands but some folks just seem to fixated on it instead of ‘does it have a decent anointment and kill stuff’? Then they get frustrated at drop rates and scream to the four winds how unfair the game is.

I’ve been concerned, too, about this very thing ever since reading their announcement. I hope I’m wrong, and they did manage in the past to stop under leveled loot from dropping. Can you imagine the outcry if level 56 drops were just labeled 57? I hope that it was just an unclear choice of words and that they aren’t really about to embark on such shenanigans.