New gear for the new ISIC?

The ISIC gear thread had zombified, so I’m asking a new question:

Given that community opinion post-ISIC “adjustments” seems to be that ISIC is a ranged DPS toon, rather than the tank he’s listed as, is there any utility in picking + shield max gear? His highest utility is in Omega Strike, so it makes more sense to me to load a 0-cost shard generator, cd reduction and skill damage. Anyone have data on how much shield you’d have to reach to make ISIC an actual tank (as in, as hard to kill as Montana) and if you can actually hit that number with gear?

Gear advice for ISIC: Don’t build him to tank, build for straight damage. Ideal loadout: Free shard generator, Symbiotic Gauntlet, and Bolas Target Finder. His charged cannon shots scale with both attack damage and skill damage and proc the legendary effect of BTF.


If and when I can get a group capable of completing The Experiment, and I can get the Target Finder to drop, I will run that. Until then, what do you suggest I swap for BTF? :sob:

Just a regular skill dmg, preferably the LLC one that gives shield, with no negatives.

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I created a loadout that gave me over 263 shield recharge while overcharged. It was neat.

Are you PC by chance?

No, PS4. Didn’t even realise the game was available through Steam until after I started playing. :unamused:

Thanks for the advice. Switched my gear load last night. One match of Meltdown with ISIC, 7 kills (4 with ult) and 18 assists to 2 deaths + >30 minions killed in under 7 minutes. Gally kept stealing my kills with her pull zone. :rage:

You should really try getting Bola’s though. It’s disgustingly powerful on him.

PSN: j03K3rDS I live in the UK and play most days from 8:30 pm UTC until around 10-10:30 pm. More than happy to have you tank me through it! :grin:

If you want a Bola’s the easiest way is to farm it solo. I found Gali to be the fastest/easiest to run through as she is strong early game. The first defend is the most important as it determines how long you have for the first boss. BTW it refuses to drop for Kleese

Galilea? She is like a one-man army but ISIC can also plow through that mission because of his DPS and his ultimate.

Does it drop from the normal boss? Is the drop rate better on advanced?

Yes he can I just used her to farm because of just how easy she makes it and how quickly she can run through. She can also keep enemies focused on her leaving the first defend point at full health. Damage on desecrate is great for taking out the turrets with the first boss without needing to worry about the projectile blocking shields

It drops in advanced

Thanks. I’ll farm it this weekend.

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I really like attack speed on him. SEoA is what I’m currently using and you see a significant difference in his dmg output. Also pair it with Vigilance Link for some team support and a shard gen.

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Attack speed will provide a very, very small boost in actual dps as it only increases the RoF in his small shots which are his smallest source of damage. Vigilance Link really doesn’t work on a character like ISIC since he isn’t built for support and is more or less a wasted slot since it doesn’t add to his strengths Imo.

I would but I’m almost exclusively a PvP player.

Increases charge rate meaning more overcharged shots. Also increases attack speed of Omega Strike.

If I had a more fitting legendary I might use it, but right now Vigilance Link is my best secondary for him and it gives the team a little boost.

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