New gear items for battleborn

I love this and so I was thinking that maybe it’s time we get some new gear types, so I had some ideas and I’m going to share my idea and see what the community and gearbox thinks.

A gear type that increases quick melee damage,

A gear type that increases jump height,

A gear type that gives life steal,

A gear type that increases shards given,

A gear type that increases projectile velocity,

A gear type that increases building damage,

A gear type that increases knockback distance,

A gear type that increases xp given for helix level (in-game level up system),

So that’s my idea, what do you guys think?

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Beginning sentence is supposed to say I love this game, sorry I wa typing this up on a phone.

I like the idea of increases to Jump Height and Knockback Resistance. Buildable damage is usually left to legendary items that decrease buildable cost.

Projectile velocity is also a possibility, but in some cases that could make certain characters unbalanced, for example Benedict.

Quick Melee isn’t really used that often, if anything it would have to be an increase to the amount of knockback a Quick Melee deals.

Life Steal is already a thing for a couple of legendaries, and this is probably going to be left at that for the sake of balance (imagine El Dragon with +20% life steal on basic attacks)

It’s a good idea though, I sure wouldn’t mind some new gear items to mess around with.

I can see why life steal would be a problem, was thinking of it when I was typing this but I put it down anyway.

Yeah, frankly the characters that need it and can have it without unbalancing the hell out of everything, already have it.

How about an item that increases both attack damage and skill damage but it’s set to half the value of the attack and skill damage gear?

Maybe reflect damage gear. Either it reflects a small amount of damage back at the attacker or it has a small chance to reflect all damage back at the attacker.

Where did you get 20%?

I think it’s pretty obvious that if the amount is too high then just lower it and it’ll be OK.

I would also like to see more character specific gear. One per character isn’t enough.

Just out of thin air. Based on what the other characters with melee lifesteal have.

But it doesn’t mean the gear should provide the same amount of stats.

Well, anything below that isn’t really (in my opinion) enough to viably make up for damage taken in combat, especially with the new minion buffs.

It doesn’t have to make up for damage, it just has to be a viable alternative to other gear types.

And there’s also PVE mode in the game too.

Yeah, good point - it’s like the whole Damage Resistance versus Max Health debate.