New Gearbox Employee

Elder Scrolls Online Creative Director Quits to Join Borderlands Studio!

I have enjoyed Elder Scrolls games in the past. I hope Paul Sage will bring the same quality as those games display to Borderlands. What are everyone’s thoughts?


I’m not a fan of Bethesda games, so I have no opinion. I just hope he does a good job.

I hope I like BL3 more than I like ESO or Oblivion.

Awwww yis

@PaulSage congratz on your new job

Looks like we got an expert on MMO / RPG games. So maybe some deeper/richer RPG elements in the next borderlands. Maybe borderlands will go MMO with an public hub town or public events on some places in the world. Then again we still don’t know on what project he will be working on so maybe a new Duke Nukem, Home World, Brothers in Arms, or a brand new IP AAAAAGHHHH

I hope not.


Maybe that means the next BL game will have more multiplayer features/modes?

Never played an Elder Scrolls game before. The only contact with Bethesda I had was with Dishonored and Fallout.

I just hope that BL3 isn’t going to be as glitchy as the Elder Scrolls games.

If BL goes MMO, I’m most likely out.


^^Same here.

If it does become MMO, I will just go to Gearbox in person in a Psycho mask and scream about releasing TPS DLC’s despite the fact TPS would have been released 4 years ago at that time. I may go to the looney bin, but at least I will get to shout about meat bicycles without getting judged,. as much…


Is Borderlands a poor mans WoW clone now? :^)

I think Paul will be a good addition to Gearbox regardless of what he works on.

I’m all for a Borderlands “MMO Role-Playing Shooter”, myself.

Making an MMO doesn’t mean making a WoW clone. That’s just - well, someone that thinks that must be unaware of all the MMOGs that aren’t WoW clones. Blizzard didn’t invent the genre, and despite the success and playability of WoW it isn’t the best one out there. These days, I mostly play it because of inertia.

I’m looking for a replacement, something that will help me put favorite WoW characters to rest, and a Borderlands MMORPS could do it. :smile:

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If you think about it… This could be a very good thing.
As a fan of the Elder Scrolls series, I have been fond of the way they have pushed the boundary of a true single player RPG experience. If this means that our Borderlands single player experience becomes more and more “Elder Scrolls-ey”, then I am 100% on board.

That would be awesome. But he was lead on ESO (MMORPG) and according to the article he only “worked on” oblivion, so he seems like someone I’d much rather have leading a game with MP emphasis as opposed to SP elder scrolls style experience.