New Gearbox offices

No wonder the devs have all vanished, they’re probably moving boxes…

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Given up…

As the turrets in Portal said: “Are you still there?”

Herby and naka, theres been whispers in slip space just off Io… That is, they are still working on things, we just have to keep the faith for a little while. Lots for us to do in the meantime.

I’ve certainly got enough to do, surprising how quickly I got used to being able to shoot ideas/issues off considering HW2 was unsupported from the point I got into it :stuck_out_tongue:

No, no one’s vanished. :smile:

To clarify: The main studio in Dallas was recently moved into a new building, but our team that has always been in Texas remains there. Quebec is a new separate studio that we’re opening to expand development.


That’s good to know, say “hi” for us :wink:

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Now this is interesting:

Gearbox says their new Quebec City office is working on an unnamed game project[/quote]

Probably “Deserts of Kharak”

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Yeah, but isn’t that BBI?

It is. It was first “Hardware: Shipbreakers”, but then GBX took over the IP and changed it to “Homeworld: Shipbreakers”. They are basically added a new story structure or something, the basic model were there since it’s project from 2011. The new studio will probably focus on post launch stuff to BB, and maybe even a new Duke Nukem game :smiley:

@JoeKGBX, I always wondered, is the forum background actually your offices?

Our old one, yes.


Yea, that’s the old Plano studio.