New Gears We Want to See

Whats up!

Gear is a huge part of why we play this game. I know for sure that lots and lots of us love to collect and want them all.


That is why its time for more and fresh new gear. Gear push loadout diversity forward, improve tactics and creates new ways to play.

I invite you to suggest a new kind of gear you want to see implemented in the game.

“Eu primeiro”:

  • +% Jumping Height
  • +% Damage on Health
  • -% Damage on Shields and blocks
  • +% all stats after death during 180s (Revenging gear, attikus gonna love it)
  • +% Aim assist (if possible)
  • +% Shield steal
  • Effects like those in legendary but with no bonus.

Your turn =D


made a post about jump height gear some time ago (where nobody answered) so that’d be awesome. Also how about reveal gear? For example, if you hit a cloaked enemy 3 times within a few seconds you interrupt the cloak or something.


Omg, I knew i’ve seen this somewhere.

Anyway lehonay, jump height gear is mostly likely not happening for reasons of " why would you want that?"

its unique purpose would be to jump onto the sniper nest with one jump… no other purpose for that.

it can’t be that useless to the devs since several characters have an helix for increased jump height. also there are way more useless gears out there lol

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While I am all for new gears, I would also like to see a lot of the current gears re modified so that they can be usable.

Just make it so that move speed gear also does this and, if possible, sprint speed gear also applies it while sprinting.

I doubt Damage on Health would happen since it’s already pretty similar to critical hit damage (crits can only be applied to targets without shields) and there’s a very slim margin between the two (9.1% and 11.9%). If they added a “Damage to Health” effect, it would need to be in between those two and would, honestly, displace Critical Damage pretty quickly.

Did you intend to make that a negative (e.g. reduced damage to shields and blocks)? If you did, I’m assuming you means something more like “Damage Reduction while blocking or while you have a shield” unless you intended it to be a gear penalty (though gear penalties are always mirrored gear bonuses).

While don’t think it’s possible to do something like improving aim assist without the possibility of full aim bot insanity, I would like for recoil reduction to reduce max recoil the same amount that it reduces recoil accumulated per shot, such that recoil basically becomes an accuracy substitute.

[quote]+% Shield steal

Vibro-Core Module already does this for 14% of damage dealt and it’s just not that useful. Shields aren’t that strong or common enough for it to really do much (especially in PvE).

I think the main reason they restrict the weirder effects to legendaries only is to prevent gear glut. The more specialized and weird secondary stats they provide on general gear, the more likely they’ll end up with gear that’s just considered “useless”.

Personally, I’d rather they focused on making the existing gear all useful and viable rather than adding more to the pile that will likely exist without ever seeing much use.


Animation shortener
AOE enlarger
XP gain increase (small enough to not be meta. Talking low single digits)
May be too drastic but a gear that gives you your ult a level earlier. Actually never mind too strong
One that plays Montanas song nonstop


Do you mean spread? I quantify spread as Mellka’s gun and recoil as Whiskeys ult

[quote=“epicender584, post:8, topic:1553513, full:true”]Do you mean spread? I quantify spread as Mellka’s gun and recoil as Whiskeys ult

Spread is probably the best term, yeah. At the moment, I believe that Recoil Reduction only reduces the increase in spread that you suffer after each shot is fired but you’ll still manage the same max spread after unloading, which makes recoil significantly less useful than it coil be.

  • Increase credits gained during missions (or I guess PvP if that was your thing).
  • Increase the chance of finding better quality gear during missions. (ie, 10% chance for a white to become green, green to become blue, etc.)
  • Increase CC duration. (Nothing drastic, but you’d have to make a choice on whether DR or HP gear is worth ditching to increase a 2 second stun to 2.2 seconds.)
  • Increase clip size.

Obviously things would need to be tweaked to balance, but there’s not a lot that can be added to what’s already there. Outside of tweaking some of the already weak stats we see in -CC duration and +Crit Damage.


Oh, I thought all recoil did was reduce the kickback, not spread accumulation. Interesting

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THE solution.

I suggested this one in order to counter eldrid teams, not even considered Critical gear which is useless right now. Critical gear needs a buff in order to “Damage to health” be a thing. Agree.

I meant Damage to shields (weakness: prepositions) and it can be both: positive and negative.

I Agree.

I agree, but it doens’t mean it can’t become gear. Situational, but still worth in a few scenarios.

You might be right, I afraid we will never know.

I wonder what would happen if they just nerf attack damage. Attack is what we do 87,78% of the time in a match/story mission after all.

[quote=“vitortonini, post:12, topic:1553513, full:true”]I wonder what would happen if they just nerf attack damage. Attack is what we do 87,78% of the time in a match/story mission after all.

If they nerf attack damage, they’ll also have to nerf attack speed and skill damage to compensate. And if they nerf it too much, people will stop feeling like gear makes a significant impact (which they should never feel), especially when you consider that you can also spend those shards on buildables (which also provide you with xp).

Honestly, I feel that attack damage, attack speed, and skill damage are in the right place, in general. Max HP is a too strong (since it’s not percentage based while everything else (except for max shield) is); max shield is probably about right but just feels weak compared to max HP. Any new stat should be able to fulfill a similar level of usefulness as attack damage without being so hyperspecialized that it’s obscenely overpowered in condition A and utterly useless in every other condition (shield penetration already suffers from this).

As a huge Borderlands fan, I’m all in for all the effects Relics gave in the other games.

  • Damage “vampirism” (stealing a % damage you do)
  • Jump height
  • Credits/exp gained
  • Mag size
  • Bullet speed
  • Extra damage vs health/shields
  • Bullet deflection (not ignoring bullet damage and bouncing it back, you’d still take damage)

[quote=“Nefhith, post:14, topic:1553513, full:true”]Bullet speed

Can’t believe I forgot that one. A projectile speed and/or range item would be awesome.

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Attack speed, yes, and maybe reload speed too, but skill damage is not that great except for a handful of characters (orendi). For the majority of the cast, +7% damage in a skill every 20s or so is passable at most.

(Ultimate too, I know)

Would these also have negative stats ? For example you lose 25% Health but gain 10% credits. Making it possible to create more ‘high risk, high reward’ scenarios for PvE (your personal Ultimate Battleborn Mode).

Increased Projectile speed could be great, but also i am a bit afraid of ppl finding a way to abuse it :wink:

Early in Battleborn’s release there was some complains about ISIC’s bullet reflection. I’m not up2date on how ppl feel about this now. But i don’t think the PvP/eSports community would like to see such a thing.

Yes Please
Primary stat + Magsize
Secondary stat + Attack speed :wink:

During my first Battleborn Presentation it was mentioned/showed that you could have gear that affected the opposing team. Having gear that reduces the shield capacity of the enemy team. What do you guys think of legendary gear that has negative effects on the enemy team. Another example for the first 180 seconds enemies have 4% less movement speed (works every time an enemy respawns). The enemy team has +5% longer respawn timers. These things would probably have some crazy effects, so i guess no stacking. But maybe this is a point where CC gear could shine to counter those things a bit. @Kitru what do your calculations say…

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Like an aura gear? Neeeeeat. This would take melee characters to another level. Love it.

I would like to see legendaries that only have an impact in PvE, like the extra credit gains or +30 seconds on challenges or something like that.

I would also like to see gear overhauled and balanced for PvP sake.

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They could, just like any other gear. The reality of it is that the increase would have to be based on the difficultly of the mission. The true high risk, high reward would come from getting a considerable increase in credits or, even better, greater drops on adv. hardcore knowing you’re going in with no gear advantage. You’d be taking a gamble of not even finishing the mission, but if you did the rewards would reflect that accomplishment.