New Geforce Driver 436.48

Anyone tried out the new driver and can report down here if it’s better or not?

I feel like I have more stutters, but overall more smooth.
I did lose ~15fps…

EDIT 2 :
Begin Menu

  • 110fps on DX11
  • 97fps on DX12

Benchmark test

  • 81.50fps on DX11
  • 74.10fps on DX12

436.30 (my old driver) (DX11, 12 was worse for me)
Starting menu: 125fps
Benchmark: 89fps

My specs:
i7 4770k @4.2ghz
GTX 970 MSI (OC’d with +30volt / +150mhz core clock / +250mhz memory clock)
8GB ram, I think 3200mhz
Installed on a SSD that doesnt have windows 10 on it.

No issues so far here for me! But I’m also running an RTX 2080

Did it improve your experience with the game?
More fps or lesser stutters etc? or you didn’t have any issues before?

try usin dx12 if u can wit out the long loading

i had issues with dx11 but until i tryed dx12 waited it out then boom a big increase in fps stutters here and there

Honestly, I have a super setup. Between my SSD and the new Driver I am seeing crystal-clear performance.

If you’re speaking on before this new driver than DX12 doesn’t work at all for non RTX cards, I’ve only seen people with RTX cards say that DX12 works better.

Some people with insane setups like you have also reported issues though :confused:

you neverr know if you dont try it out

The loading actually ends? I waited for like 5 min and saw it took 4G of RAM. I thought it’s a memory leak so I switched back to DX11.

Just did and edited my OP.
It’s worse for me haha

DX12 has always worked on my end, just worse fps and same stutters.

oh well sorry

haha no worries, I reverted everything.

I have pretty thoroughly tested my driver and it looks fine for me, no loss of anything. :confused: Sorry that’s no help. Have you posted on Borderlands 3 Reddit?

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I got slightly better framerates but there are some framerate drops from time to time. I think it’s related to the texture streaming because it mostly happens when I move around quickly or after zone transitions.

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I’ve completely uninstalled my device in device manager and redownloaded the latest driver and it’s fine now :slight_smile:

i don’t know if it’s the new driver from nvidia or one of the patches that were brought to the game but at game’s release everything was fine for me. bl3 was running smooth with no lags, freezes or crashes.
but since one of the updates i get crashes and complete freezes so that i only can kill the process in the task manager. freezes are mostly in action, espacially on ring of slaughter but they can appear in the menu or erverywhere else on idle.

fact is game was running smooth and now its gone to hell and its unplayable. another fact is game is released for three weeks now and they didn’t even manage that i am able to change hotkeys, espacially push to talk.

sry for my poor english.

playing on pc:
I5 4670K
MSI RTX 2070 Gaming Z

Issues appear in all graphic presets low to badass.


I dont have a RTX card but do run DX12 and my stutters are really bad. You think thats the reason and DX11 would be better?

I had this too, try uninstalling your RTX card from ‘device manager’ in windows, than after that instantly go to geforce experience and install the latest driver.

You can also reset nvidia control panel to default as that also worked for me once.

Idk man, I wouldnt advice DX12, for me it gives more stutters / 5 minutes load time & 30fps less.
but im using a gtx970 so.

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