New GeForce Driver Today

Nvidia have released a new WHQL driver set this morning.
While it does not list BulletStorm: Full Clip Edition in it’s initial details, it’s always best to make sure you are running the latest drivers for any new game.

So, either update directly through The Geforce Experience, or download them directly…

I don’t know if AMD have a new driver out yet, or if they have any plans for specific support for AMD. But, if they do, I will update this post.

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AMD’s latest driver is this one:
You can use ReLive to update or download from the link above.

( @Damien_Azreal you wrote Borderlands instead of Bulletstorm…but Borderlands Full Clip doesn’t sound that bad either :smiley: )

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Yeah, I’m still tired. :wink:
But, I just checked and had just come back to update with that AMD driver. It was released on April 4th, so, chances are it’s the newest one they will release for this round.

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