New Ghalt on the new incursion (Part 1) (Part 2)

Each video is 15 minutes long, each half of the match. This was a full length match on incursion, monuments, played as Ghalt. This is purely to display his effectiveness in a team fight and on his own. I felt that both teams performed well as the match was fairly balanced. The enemy team surrendered in the last minute though, although the very end was cut off.

If you have the time to set aside and are interested to see him in action, i recommend viewing these. I play to the best of my ability but I’m far from perfect. I must admit though, the enemy Pendles was very slippy.


Impressive. I haven’t played Ghalt since the changes, he hits like a truck now.

I can only imagine what it would have been like if they’d kept even a 1-second stun with that kind of damage increase.

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Which is why they didn’t lol. Crits with Ghalt’s new gun are no friggin joke

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Fought a team that was ghalt, ernest, ambra, reyna and OM, couldn’t kill anyone and they let ghalt finish off kills so he was over leveled, and it was a nightmare. While in ernest’ s egg and with the reload helix he could fire almost non stop. He wouldn’t even use his traps, just pull us in while he was in the egg and unload his shells. Plus, with ernest and OM our minions were destroyed before they could even reach them. And when every we almost killed them reyna was there, and then ambra would heal. It was a beautiful comp and they were amazing players, but that ghalt was nightmarish.


The point of this upload was to show that Ghalt can still be very useful. After seeing so many posts claiming that he’s dead, RIP etc. I had to at least try and show that he can still be used to great effect, even more so in good team comps. His shotgun damage buff was a good idea IMO, it balanced out that he couldn’t maintain fire on a single target for 2 flat seconds anymore, and it allows him to be more flexible without the pull, stun and kill combo.


I think the first thing that id need to say is that I consider myself more of a competitive player. This video does a good job of showing his damage output, no questions asked. But the issue I have is that I completely disagree on the opposing team performing well. Given how far back the support station is, monuments pretty much requires a healer, unless both teams are without, which wasn’t the case. On top of that, their closest thing to a front liner, S&A, spent majority of the game in the back throwing boomerangs. You were also allowed to get behind their line on a few occasions and unload shells on them. A coordinated team would call you out as being out of position, and you would have been collapsed on in seconds. He was picked because his cc was superior to most, if not all characters. Now there are plenty more viable options in regards to cc. Perhaps his role has changed into a pure damage output character, but given the short range he needs to maximize his damage, his lack of an escape ability hinders him against opponents who understand how to bait out his hook. He may have value in casual matchmaking games with random teams, but given a 5v5 match of incursion with people that normally play together and are coordinated, ghalt just isn’t a viable option in my opinion. His neutral game without abilities is better no question, but that’s not why he was used.

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Fair enough, although I don’t consider myself competitive, and I play solo. Most teams I am in and against also lack communication or any major form of co-ordination. I say they performed well because we didn’t completely stomp them and managed to hold us back for a while, regardless. I agree with being out of place, if I see an opening, I take it. If I feel like I’m about to be focused, I book it out of there. And as you might have seen, that doesn’t always work. It just depends who the enemies are. If they aren’t as co-ordinated and observative as they should be, I tend to push forward a bit more. If they are well co-ordinated, I keep my distance a try to pick off anyone that detached from a group or looks vulnerable. I just hop on and play a match, I try not to take everything too seriously :smile:

Yeah I totally get it, I wasn’t trying to downplay the gameplay I’m just saying that in the tournaments and/or private scrimmages I’ve participated in as an example, some of the stuff that they allowed you to do would never fly. Nice vids none the less =D

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Evasive would still make Ghalt work :wink:

That thorn had no idea of what to do…

As a healer, see your alani let all of you go with low hp stress me!!! D: she couldnt land enough hits to get some heals or what?!

Ernest and orendi have some delicious crit zone. Well played but the other team wasnt your lvl.

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Evasive never did anything against us when he had the stun, I wouldn’t be worried about him now lol

Man that’s what Ghalts new scrap trap looks like? Man that made me mad as hell just looking at setting that up and they can still wail on me. His legendary is pretty much useless now it looks. Also I may be dumb asking this, but could he always hold out his hook to aim or is that a feature added with the update? I always use quick so as soon as I let the button go the hook goes off.

Also yea your opponents were destined to lose with that comp and no health regeneration items. Incursion is nothing but a sustainment game once control is established, doesn’t matter how much you dish out if you just get focused and die, which happened quite often. Your opponents comp had nothing to counter it.

It’s like having a Hanzo, Junkrat, McCree, Tracer, Reinhardt on defense. Is that too many Overwatch references? I dunno, but they have nothing that can keep them in the fight nor have nothing to back them up if one of them get’s focused.

You could always aim his hook. Usually you can tell when an enemy Ghalt is aiming his hook so you know when to stay clear of his line of sight. He sort of holds his arm back and lowers his gun slightly.