New GR perks not showing in GR tree?

Hi everyone,

Am i the only one not seeing the 3 new GR perks in my GR tree ? Or im i missing something ?


Did you scroll down? They’re at the bottom.

Im on PC, i do see an arrow pointing downwards indicating there are possibly more things at the bottom but i clicked on it nothing happens…

Is this a PC bug ?

I’m on Xbox so I’m not sure how it looks on PC. You do have to scroll down to see them on Xbox.

They’re on a row bigger than the current page can show, so they’re hidden off the bottom of the screen. The directional navigation buttons don’t work, but if I press the down arrow key on the keyboard (not sure what this would be on console), where the selection reticle moves down, I can see 'em. (If you’re already down here and they’re missing, something’s up).


Thanks for your input !

there anyone on PC can shed some light ? thanks

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K i’ll try using the keyboard

Keyboard worked… !!! thanks again

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