New Grinder info

I play ps3 version, and i have done some grinding. If you start the game with no internet connection, you are able to moonstone grind 3 purple guns, oz kits, shields or nades to get guaranteed legendaries and a chance to get luneshine, downside is when you attempt to do a normal grind using 3 PURPLES, the game will ALWAYS crash!!! So don’t do a normal grind using 3 purples if you don’t have access to internet. Also if you moonstone grind 3 purple class mods, the game messes up and may give blue class mod back (i have never got a legendary without internet). With internet on you can’t moonstone grind 3 purples, because hotfixes maybe blocking it??? Anyway it does not crash and you can moonstone grind 3 purple class mods to get a guaranteed legendary one. I think that this isn’t an exploit but i might be wrong. This is my experience using grinder on different situations.

This has been known for a ling time now. The patch with Aurelia included what you said, but they made a hotfix to get rid of these changes to avoid crashes.

Ok i didn’t know that, but this is good info for those who didn’t know about this. And i have accurate information atleast.

The grinds need to be fixed.

It is very annoying having to offline to grind.

Also it is not a guarantee. I’ve still had it crash grinding purples while offline.

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Yeah offline purple grinding crashes, but in my game it crashes when doing the regular grind on purples. It never crashed when i was online.