New guardian take down is overtuned... agonizer still bugged

Running Zane with 150% Rad build and takes the OP-Q nearly 3 full magazine to kill 1 trash mob is dumb as hell. This is solo (Scaled) take down by the way.

Also Agonizer seem to only drop cosmetic and room decors right now… I’ve gotten a couple Backburners luckily but i can mostly confirm he drops 90% of the time cosmetic items only.

game is broke…

/End rent


Same situation over here…just stupid

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Its scaled for 4 ppl.

Thats great to hear. Itsa raid. It should take 3 clips from an opq…

Considering zane can shoot an opq full clip in 2 seconds. Thats what … 6 seconds of ur life?

The only thing worth complaining about is if the raids not dropping loot for ppl enough. Because itsa damn ordeal wheres the rewards.

Man that’s what True Takedown is for…why not cater to those who want to play by themselves?

I don’t want to play Destiny, I want to play Borderlands…why should it be like that boring game?


bro did you miss the part i said solo play ? i wasn’t doing true takedown mode…

Normal takedown should be scaled to 1 person ?

it is not about how long it takes to shoot the 3 clips, it is about ammo consumption and logic. You shouldn’t need to use 3 clips to kill a trash mob period.


Theyll probably update it with a true take dows And regular button as they did before.

I still think it should be that hard.

Im sorrynur rad 150 isnt blasting through everything.

I think it should be that difficult even for solo. Just like old raid bosses.

Thats my opinion.

Right at the beginning of the raid there’s a switch for regular or true takedown,just on normal the stupid necro creatures were putting me in fight for my life,yesterday i would have melted them with pure dps and crap anointments,today every gun i tried feels neuterd and survivablity issues pre Moze buffs are back= xxxx broke as hell,these people have to stop drinking on the job so they can see what switch their pulling or what key their pressing.Sad :pleading_face:

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You would think that gbx would have learned lessons from battleborn :joy:


This is Aliens: Colonial Borderlands.

No one should ever need even half a clip to kill a trash mob of the same level for that matter but that’s what Borderlands is about now. If Borderlands 3 was actually meant to be this, it should have been it since day 1. Gearbox can’t just rewrite the rules like this, completely scrapping how the game was before and replace it with something divisive, aka Mayhem 2.0.

Guns have at best a 2x-3x damage output at M10 compared to non Mayhem gear, skills remain the same, shields don’t scale, grenades are ping pong balls with more value placed on anointments than real damage, melee damage is irrelevant and artifacts and class mods don’t make a significant difference. Enemies on the other hand have 100x more health, if they have a shield it’s another 100x. Armor? Another 100X. Good thing they don’t hit harder too, but if I’m fighting a mob that just won’t die quickly, they might as well hit hard and end it there.

I actually tried M10 for the first time today and I felt stupid. No way I can possibly have any fun from this. And locking gear behind is just bad. Make it harder to get, sure! But make it available for the ‘simple’ player as well. You can’t keep everyone happy, but I’m sure Gearbox could have done things differently.

Don’t count on stability issues being fixed or risk getting blue screened in co op right after killing Wotan on many occasions

Your opinion is terrible. That’s my opinion. Deal with it.


It’s already there, and it defaults to Scaled, not True, Takedown.

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Yea it’s really dumb how weak my weapons feel right now. Using shock weapons on Guardians does a whole lot of nothing. On top of that there are not near enough crates around some areas to refill ammo. The second area with the 3 crystals I ran around the entire section and only found maybe 10 crates. That’s absurd, especially with how much damage these guys can take.

Hoping it’s some kind of bug where the scaling is wrong. It’s like I’m using m5 weapons on m10.

Somethings definitely wrong. All the MH10 gear I’ve collected does nothing now. Awesome

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It has true Takedown button. Its not scaling right.

I agree the scaling is broken.
Feels like it is scaled to true takedown period. Dropped down to mayhem 6 with mayhem 10 weapons and it was just giving them a tickle. Thought they delayed this once because it wasn’t working correctly?
Really losing interest fast and I love borderlands. I played 2 for 2 years straight everyday. If this keeps happening I don’t really see me sticking around.
Oh and they also just changed armor, health and shields on mayhem 7-10. There is no way trash mobs should be holding up to mayhem 10 weapons on 6 with that balancing. It’s broke.

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we’re getting a fix for health sooner than thursday accd to k6:

Yeah, Agonizer loot table is still bugged. It’s still >95% random cosmetics, and that’s it.

Yup and it is dropping loot below the map, you hear the ting of a legendary after the wreck has dropped into the pit and can see the markers with down indicators.

Pause fall animation at slump or compress loot drop window GB.