New gun suggestions

I looked for a thread like this but didn’t really find something current

Let’s just drop some ideas for new guns and help the creative department to develop cool stuff? :slight_smile:

Try to keep it organized so we can probably summarize the best ones on top of this thread :slight_smile:

I once thought of maybe new gun parts that can add some diversity to weapons, like some AR barrels that are longer to show they’re more accurate, but fire slower, so they fill a role similar to Marksman rifles in other games.

I think, this system is already included in the RNG rolled gun parts
Though, not so decisive and obvious

I know some parts affect stats like that, but maybe if they were to add more, that could something they could do. Otherwise, just having some way to change parts for a cost would be awesome, but there are other threads for that.

Right :smiley:
So here, you can present your slow, accurate vladof rifle :stuck_out_tongue:

Melee weapons? (swords, buzz axes, ect.)

I feel like melee weapons is something they once considered, as there was some concept art for a “varkid zapper” or something, basically a tennis racket wired to a car battery. But, I thing they decided to just stick with the guns.

I’m thinking of a new reload mechanism.
Simple: the more bullets remaining in your magazine, the shorter it takes to reload. Reload time on cards shows the time it takes to reload a fully emptied magazine.
Should be percentage based, not bullet based. Roughly 99% of your bullets remain in your magazine, it would grant you 50% less reload time.
As for the manufacturer thah could implement this…maybe atlas?? They are a returning manufacturer, and hi-tech, so why not?
Or maybe vladof because of the high fire rate, it is the most likely that you won’t shoot only one bullet and reload.

Or s&s :wink:
But that’s an other topic xD
I want you guys to create legendary guns duuuuuuuuh xD

Oke I will start sooo let’s call it


This is impossible!

Damage: 1000
Accuracy: 95%
Handling: 70%
Reload time: 3.0s
Firerate: 1.5/s
Magazine size: 8

No alternate fire mode.
Bullets that hit the environment will stay for at least 1 minute even after reloading and will explode when enemies come close.

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I think we need another legendary Hyperion sniper because right now the only one that can world drop is the Woodblocker, resulting in it dropping disproportionally often.

OK, how about this:

Name: Streisand-Effect

Red Text: The more you try to suppress it…

Effect: Hitting an enemy ricochets on bullet, critical hits ricochet two. If the enemy had a shield or was immune to damage, the damage of the ricocheted bullets gets amplified.

Comes in all elements.

General statline: High Damage (not as high as the Kratakoa but around 5k on lv. 53), very good accuracy and handling, mediocre rate of fire, large magazine, fast reload. Low shield capacity when scoped in.

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Vladof AR


Uses the vladof barrel with silencer. High rate of fire, slightly reduced base damage, high crit modifier (100-150%) Has the skin of the Null Pointer. Underbarrel locked to either second silencer barrel or bipod.

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