New Guns with legs showcase! Tediore Hype!

Borderlands social media just posed a gun showcase with the Express Fastball a Tediore Shotgun for BL3. I think this thing looks amazing and I can’t wait to use all the new Tediore guns in BL3.

I found this interesting as it helps paint a better picture on how these guns possibly work in BL3. I am unsure as to if this is a red text gun or not but I am going along with the assumption it is NOT a red text weapon.

So what we see in the showcase is first they say that the gun become a mobile turret when reloaded that will target enemies using any ammo it has, upon running out of ammo the gun will run at an enemy and detonate doing damage. We specifically see the vault hunter reload the gun when it is empty and the gun appears to simply target the enemy then run at them and detonating. It is kind of hard to tell but I do not think the gun turret fires at the enemy when this happens. This would mean the mobile turret function only actively works if the gun has ammo in the clip when reloading. Again its kind of hard to tell in the showcase with the nose of the character firing there gun and the angle they move to show the turret gun run at the enemy. This would be really cool on a “Bottomless Mags” Moze where you wouldn’t haft to worry about ammo expenditure as much. Just shoot reload like a Tediore Axton in BL2 and watch the mayhem before you eyes.

A couple things I found interesting is that you can still use the gun like a BL2 Tediore and throw it directly at an enemy. This would lead me to believe that the BL2 Magazine percent increasing damage would also hold true for this fashion of reload. It also makes me think that if you go the turret route the final detonation probably has its damage set as if the magazine where empty.

I want to repeat this is all theory based on a short showcase of this one Tediore gun. The final game could have drastically different mechanics in place for all I know. Regardless as a long time gun-thowing, Tediore loving, ammo wasting, Siren I am super excited for these new guns. They look and sound amazing. Check out the bref showcase on facebook below, It is probably also on twitter and other social medias.

Pretty sure I saw them at work in some of the gameplay vids from a little while back, too. They did seem neat.

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Amara has increased splash damage, Moze has a chance for doubled explosion radius. Both are skills that’ll work well for grenades. I see Amara as our Tediore-girl right now due to the increase in elemental magazine size and splash damage bonus. Still, she doesn’t have much working for that specific playstyle.

In Borderlands splash damage was always kinda unnecessarily complicated as there were 2 splash damage types: The one that worked with grenade damage bonuses and the one that didn’t. I too think that they streamlined it down to one damage type.

While talking about Tediore: I fear that the chucking as a playstyle might be harder to pull off due to the more gimmicky kinds of throw-mechanisms. Legitimately farming for the right gun with the right element AND the right chucking mechanic will surely be a pain. Still, for most players the crazier and more creative ways to reload your weapon will be fun.