New heads and skins in the DLC

Anyone have a list? I got one head for FLAK and when I completed all the missions for The Mayor they gave me a Gunner head.

I got zanes head from one of the killer look bosses, and my friend in co op got one from the same boss Also; cant remember which one though.

Killed the Ruiner over 100 times only one a Zane head.

I still havent found any emote, but i only completed the main story of the DLC.

Are they locked behind challenges or sides this time?
Because i keep farming for harolds but ive never seen any emote. Or skin…

Same, got my moze head luckily.

Bounty of Blood (DLC 3)

  • Crossed Arms - Rare; reward for completing all of the Good Prospects Crew Challenges, cosmetic will be sent in mail
  • The Worm - Rare; reward for completing all of the Gehenna’s Most Wanted Crew Challenges, cosmetic will be sent in mail

Bounty of Blood (DLC 3)

  • Devil Raider - Epic; The Meatman Prophecy side mission reward

I killed Ruiner about 50 times and have Amara, Moze, Fl4k. Sadly no Zane but given the general odds of those drop I guess I did pretty well.

Overall I like Moze’s but she does look like one of those idiots that doesn’t know how to properly wear a Covid mask. ‘Come on Moze…cover your damn nose!’

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xd yeah. That head lookssss pretty good but i dont like how the cloth looks so small. The cloth is small, and it hides the badass skull mouth armor piece too.
I would have prefered more if it was either a bandana only, or the skull jaw only. Either way its cool i guess.

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