New heads coming?

Is possible to get new heads for BL: TPS?
Borderlands 2 has a lot of Heads for the characters.
Why TPS doesn’t have?
Athena deserve a decent hairstyle, like Maya and Gaige have.
Aurelia and Nisha has good hairstyles but Athena have only masks
Is possible an unmasked head for Krieg? Would be nice.
I hope with BL3 coming, BL:TPS gets new heads, like BL2 does.

The only reason why BL2 has more heads is because there is more DLC. You have 4 story DLC, 5 HH, DLC with extra Heads.
I agree with that the most heads for Athena are quite not interesting. My favorite are Omega Rogue, Gynoid Agent and Life Support. Should be more, but I doubt they will add something new.

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Omega Rogue is so adorable. I’m using it at the moment, but I usually use “Athena”.
Yeah, BL2 have more DLC I forgot about it, but without them Maya already has the coolest heads.