New heads For Xbox

This is a simple question when will the new heads be on console there already on pc they should have been added the same time …its redicules pc gets it all frist and we consolers have to wait longer things should be added the same time … And for thoose of you that say ‘‘then go get a pc’’ how about no…i shouldn’t have to pay 800$ for a pc to get items when they should be put on all devices the same day month hr and time …

Which items are you referring to? The only ones I’m aware of are the skins restricted to streamers, which are not legitimately accessible to anyone else.

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I play on PC and I don’t have the new heads either, if you’re talking about the streamer heads. We all want them, but they will be added later on. Maybe they will announce those too on 27th February. Be patient.

We consolers are done being ignored…will be reposted agian in 6 weeks

PC people don’t have any access to stuff consoles don’t… It’s only streamers that have those heads. Like… I’m on PC, and do not have access to any skins or heads you don’t have. We are all in the same boat here, buddy…


Please read the other responses in thread - console users are not being ignored. EVERYONE who is not one of the official streamers is also not able to access those heads, regardless of platform.

And a repost is NOT necessary.

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Just to keep people up to date with the like follow and obey heads i asked this to noelle as i freakin love the anubis head for fl4k and she has stated they are coming be patient maybe pax will give some insight

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Hes referring to save files. They give access to streamer heads and stuff. Theres no way to fix that except tell streamers not to share files but good luck with that

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Argh ok that makes sense i’m not 100% in the know how for the master race so thanks for providing great info👌

Customization items are stored in general profile save. And I think the stream team only shares the character file.
This set of heads is in the game since October (Takedown update) on every platform. If some player has it on PC, I guess it was done with 3rd party program etc.

And yes, official statement is “they are working on it”, this includes the unobtainable/bugged skins and the streamer set.


Please see my past post as stated by noelle when i spoke to her the like follow and obey heads are coming soon a date wasn’t given as the person stated anyone on pc who isn’t part of the stream team who had the heads likely gained them by nefarious means so these heads (officially to non stream team members) have NOT been released yet

I hope so, I think we have been very patient for something as simple as putting a head skin in, and if we have to wait this long for a head, how long do we have to wait for proper game fixes.

I totally feel you man foreal we where shown them around October time they definitely need to drop soon before the game loser more players anyway what do you think?? I feel like they may drop them with the pax info we are getting soon hopefully

Ye I hope so and I hope GB dont do something like it again, i get GB probably wanted there stream team to stand out but it just got people annoyed, especially cause they advertised it for everyone.
Personally I just think in game items should be available to anyone who has spent money on the game especially if you had paid €100 for the season pass like myself and many more.

Bro in the same boat and agree totally

The save files with the heads on will only be for that one character. Not all your fl4ks will get anubis from my experience

Since this is the XBox tech support section, maybe less talk about sharing save files? Because that would violate XBox terms of use/service and - as a consequence - forum rules.

they are talking about pc save files as one of the guys mentioned there are people on pc who have gained some of the heads using nefarious means no one is suggesting to try it on console platforms please take the time to read the comments in detail

Any talk of sharing save files isn’t particularly cool, regardless of platform. This forum promotes the game being played as intended. That kind of stuff belongs on another forum entirely.

Official forum - posts about sharing, no links etc. just a conversation - bad for GBX
Official stream - read only farming, sharing save files (links) other stuff - GBX is ok
Official discord - same as above + modded stuff