New Heads When Will We See Em?

This is a simple question when will the new heads be on console there already on pc they should have been added the same time …its redicules pc gets it all frist and we consolers have to wait longer things should be added the same time … And for thoose of you that say ‘‘then go get a pc’’ how about no…i shouldn’t have to pay 800$ for a pc to get items when they should be put on all devices the same day month hr and time …

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What heads? I didn’t get any new heads…

The only heads not in the game now are the ones streamers got early. Not every pc user.

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Well still that was almost a year ago when do we get them? Answer to dam long from now …i could see giving early acess for a month but early acess doesnt mean take a year it means a month or a week not a year i miss the old team…this new one just blindly nerfs any good weapons…still its time the new skins and heads got released if we have to wait 3 more months i quit boycott till they stop nerfs or the old team returns…i hate to say this but enough is enough

Doesn’t matter. They’d better fix bugs with story mission skins that cannot be unlocked for some damn reason. I WANT THOSE SKINS SO BAD XD. Also i want more new skins and heads that i can buy like in bl2.

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If a streamer shares a save file we get them, which killer 6 did. So all pc users can get them. Which makes up for the fact we have the game on epic instead of steam slightly

I really wish they would refill Crazy Earl’s cosmetics. I know for a fact the plan is to start selling cosmetic packs so I don’t think it will happen but it would actually give me something to spend my 10k+ eridium on.

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Technically that’s cheating.

No. The company is withholding them. And bugs are causing you to not be able to acquire skins and heads that you should already get. If you feel like it’s cheating fine, it’s just another way to get them. Crit swapping is more cheating :joy:

Frist of all im playing on console…console is always forgotten about well im sick of it im not buying a fockin pc when console should get the same items pc does …and don’t say it’s not posbile to get the heads and skins beacuse it is and console is done being forrgotten about ill repost this every 6 weeks till console gets equel to items pc gets …don’t like it sorry but were done being ignored.