New hotfix 5% reflect bullets

Even with only 5% reflect , with amara if u take your own bullet you die from a massive dot ( but i’m glad i hit so hard lol )

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Isn’t it just for this event that the Mayhem modifiers are drastically reduced? I’m confused now

yeah it’s the event

I am not sure why they wanted such event if lower difficulty.

The problem is once people start enjoying it, it’s hard to go back to before.

Anyway, why don’t they just take out reflect. People have hated it since diablo 2


I think they should take it out until they add more absorb/resistance shields like the Transformer and the Red Suit. I miss Alkaline, Grounded, and Inflammable shields.

still 30% bullet reflect offline, as for the 5% bullet reflect online, i still died from it, went thru 4 second winds on tyree today, so i now quit relog to shop out of that one…also…again

It originally only was gonna be for the event but they’ve announced on twitter that the changes to Mayhem Mode and the anointed droprates would actually stay after the event.

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probably since mayhem 4 is confirmed now. theyre probably trying to balance it out for when that comes