New Hotfix - huge Melee damage nerf?

So after the new hotfix I do significantly less damage with my Buttplug melee attacks. And with less damage I mean over 100k damage less.

Does anybody have the same problem?

My Blitz attacks with the Brawler Ward bonus active did over 170k damage before the hotfix - now they are doing about 68k damage. Normal Blitz attacks did 110k damage now only 42k. 42k was my normal damage before the hotfix. Now I’m doing between 22k and 28k.

I tested it out and restarted the game without the hotfix and with it multiple times.

Since I didn’t use the Face Puncher much, maybe someone else can test how the damage is with the new hotfix. It seems like a huge nerf and I’m quite shocked that nothing was stated in the anouncement…


I can’t verify but am unsurprised. Melee damage in BL2 was a fraction of what it is in BL3, and they had a useless melee tree in there. Gearbox seems to be going very heavy handed with the nerfs so deciding melee damage is too viable despite having built a whole tree around it would be par for the course right now.


I found it quite op but fun. You did huge amounts of damage and everything did burn down with the dragon relic. And since I didn’t use a lifesteal relic you had to be careful. Now you only deal a fraction of your damage, the dots from the dragon relic are less powerful as well.

It would be a huge shame to nerf this build like that (without even mentioning it).

OP compared to what? Honestly I’d way rather see things that are under tuned get buffed than constantly nerf everything viable into oblivion until it’s all no more powerful than trash tier. Just saying. At no point were people saying GotM Flak or One Shot Moze and Melee Amara in the same breath.

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you sure it is not the mayhem modifiers?


I played without Mayhem modifiers.

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Was looking at some youtube videos. The nerf was from the last hotifx and not the latest.

My partner’s Fl4k build is all about Butt Stab with the Butt Plug (they actually Butt Stabbed the Final Boss as our final blow last night. Glorious) and they’ve reported no Noticeable drop in efficacy.


Running a Brainfreeze Zane with a bladed Jakobs shotgun at the mo, noticed no drop in the hits I’m doing. Will keep an eye out tonight.

Might be a Buttplug-specific thing, and not melee in general?

Thanks for the replies. The hotfix seems to be older as I see youtube videos with similiar damage output. So it wasn’t the recent hotfix. Strange to see such a huge difference. But maybe it was bugged offline / without the hotfix.

People seem to forget the first few months of BL2 was filled with nerfs.

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Sure, but I also thought it was a mistake then. Just because hammering anything which “overperforms expectations or intentions” is the Easy way to create a level playing field for a diverse option set, and thus, “balance”, doesn’t mean it’s the only way or the best way.

I LIKE feeling very powerful and mowing down enemies. I LIKE having several Great options rather than tons of “meh” options. Buffing weaker options is Always the way I would prefer balance be done, except in the case of things which are extremely game breaking or just miles above their peers. GotM Flak was arguably there, so the nerfs make sense, and One Shot Moze just needs her stacks to decay and she’d be fine.

But infinite grenade Moze? Hilarious and awesome. Not ridiculously OP, didn’t need a nerf. I can understand them doing it though for game stability reasons, this game has enough performance issues as is, endless grenades going off probably didn’t help, especially if someone was equipping a highly physics interactive grenade. Melee Amara? It’s one of the few low gear dependency options out there, it’s fun, it’s a very different play experience, and it most Certainly wasn’t game breakingly powerful. No nerf was warranted or needed from a “protect the game experience” standpoint.

Not saying melee is no longer viable. Just saying, reducing the damage by roughly 50% on something which is not excessively OP is not the direction I like to see games go, just because they didn’t “intend” or “expect” something to be as good as it is. Let us have our fun our way, don’t nerf it just because you didn’t see it coming. My 2 cents.

In BL2 i never had the feeling some skills went completly useless or some guns and i played it from the very beginning for couple of years.
Hell i even got my hands on BL2 some days before the official release date and it never struggled with such huge skill gaps and changes like we have in BL3.

What? Almost every gun is useless in BL2. The skills gaps, as you call them, are all the same.


I was just getting into her melee build, lvl 50 in the Slaughters. She hasn’t even finished Normal playthrough yet

so you would think that they would have learned from the past, 5+ years and it’s like they hardly tested the game, skills and guns…

it just bothers me more

I actually is building a melee fl4k with fadeaway m buttplug. :wink:


@Spacerobots has been doing that since level 4 :joy::joy:

We call our team Robot Monkey, (they’re the robot. I’m the monkey) but it’s also 4SS44SS4SSIN and the Cold Budded Killer (or, mayhaps, Slip’n’Slide Frozen Hellwalker)


4SS4SS4SSIN FL4K is best FL4K. :smiley:

I didn’t notice a drop in Buttplug damage, things still seemed to be dying just fine, but also I haven’t really been paying attention to numbers yet, still haven’t hit the level cap, dang it wish I had more time in my life to play. Soon. Once I hit the level cap I’m definitely gonna be looking at numbers and trying to write up a melee FL4K build.


share me your build and gears :wink: