New HWR maps, and a thank you to gearbox

Hi all,
First I would like to thank gearbox for all the effort they have put in to keep this game alive and functioning, much appreciated. I personally like the patch because it seems to bring the corvettes and frigs back into play during multiplayer, still need a few tweaks but its a fantastic start.

While i’m here i would like to offer up a few new maps I have made for the community, OK Corral which is a throwback to an old map I had created many years ago, Separation anxiety which is a large map with a twist, and Hivemind maps for 4p and 6p which are designed to play a bit better with the changes in the patch. Enjoy, and comments are appreciated.




Here are my contributions to the next patch:

Some of you may be familiar with these maps already if you’ve played the HW2 campaign. :wink: