New idea for a MLG super duper pooper gud raid boss

to should start out simple a giant adolescent boy superman-ing into his arena. His name being P@t_P@at the unchoirable. he would tri wield french horns to take down all opposing foes. he would scream out stuff like BAAAAND!!! and choir is for nuuubs. said french horns would spit all types of elemental DoT. said hot bars spat form his three french horns would take away action skills and class mod abilities. not only is he a 16 year old boy standing at around 100 feet tall, he would also have calves that break the floor he walks on like all the choir loosers who dared face him. tis might seem abit far fetched but i think that this should be added to all current and future borderlands titles. and if for some obscure reason this isnt looked upon as the saving grace of borderlands then i cant think of anything that could even hope to make this game better

… k

You were in Band, weren’t you?

How about Clickbait the Invincible? He begins spewing dialogue while you attack him, and every time you “kill him”, a chest opens, but he respawns in the same form with a different name and new, equally silly dialogue.

Ultimately, you realize that he will never stop spawning, so you have to loot the chests while he attacks you, and must finally give in and die in order to exit the area.

MLG…sounds like a 12 year old playing COD.