New idea for the Cold warrior class mod (conglomeration of ideas)

As an avid user of CCC zane, I wish the mod that was meant for the build provided more. As stated by others, seein dead will most likely take the place of the class mod in most if not all zane builds after the dlc comes out, and that is sad to me (Though dont get me wrong that class mod is hype :D) that said, I understand his other class mods need work to, but i dont want to just slap the icebreaker effect on the cold warrior mod. I wish to combine the idea of zanes damage being conditional, the idea of him needing crit damage, and the idea of him having a tangible damage boost from freezing. With that said,
Cold Warrior: Whenever Zane freezes an enemy, he gains crit damage (~8-10%). (Note brainfreeze proccing on a boss would count.) This damage stacks. (10 times at 10%, 15 times at 7-8%)
If an enemy hasnt been frozen for a few seconds, these stacks rapidly decay (~4 secs to freeze another enemy, after that a decay of 1 per sec.)
While I’m aware that this isnt the answer to all of zanes problems, I think this would help the cold warrior class mod tremendously. That said, shockerator and techspert really I think need to be addressed first, but this is a nice idea none the less. It also plays into both zane being speedy (to freeze more enemies before the stacks decay) and being high skill cap, as you need to line the enemies up to keep freezing them, because a frozen enemy cant be refrozen, as well as it being crit damage that gets boosted, not just base damage.
And while not likely to actually be changed to anything similar to this (if they address his class mods at all), it is the season for hopefulness, and the giving of gifts, is it not ;)?

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Hmmm, it would work. At the same time, it still is conditional in a way that it works better for mobbing. As you wouldn’t be able to bounce between targets with certain bosses.

You could also make the stacks decay on AS activation, so he still has power during cooldowns, while he basically keeps his buff during his eternal CCC. This might be too strong though.

You could simply scale it to remaining AS duration so keeping CCC proccing is key to keep damage high, but keeping it very conditional. It would also be a nice different conditon rather than freeze something or crit something.

i think itd be cool for it to be like this:

every freeze gives bonus crit damage
every crit gives bonus cryoefficiency

i mostly use brainfreeze but this is still thematic :slight_smile:

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