New idea - Hardcore Incursion

What…!? Why would anyone want to play that you ask? Well…, Incursion is AWESOME. And quite frankly… super competitive. Hardcore Incursion would just make it THAT MUCH MORE competitive. I mean, think about it. Players out there now are trying not to die (pretty much everyone is because thats the point of the game, duh), but once you die, you die… then just respawn. This is great seeing as it serves its purpose for PLAYING the game. But what if you couldn’t play? I’m talking about one shot… one opportunity… to seiz- (That’s probably copyrighted). I’m talking about hit or miss here people. You die, you’re out. Donezo. D’nada. Zero. Basically you spectate the rest of you’re life (JK, just the match) until the game is over. Man, players would be crying there heads off when they die! WHAT!? ARE YOU F@#@IG KIDDING ME? MARQUIS!? … No extra lives, just talent and skills. Like Bindleblast… Anyway, if players die and quit, let them quit! It’s not like they’re going to be a help anyway! And if you eliminate the entire enemy team, why not WIN THE GAME (as in the game ends) , and then point and laugh at the dead? Win, win, win, right? Imagine a 3 man team making a comeback and just taking out a 5 man team…Hardcore Incursion would be a sweet game mode to try. It would definitely up the ante on the competitiveness…HARDCORELY.

edit* I changed my idea to each TEAM having 3 lives total.

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This must be a joke…
Ppl would be over defensive and stun meta would be the only way to go.

1 player down means 4vs5 easier to make it 3vs5, etc.

Get out of position the enemy or chan stuns would be the only way to play this hell.

This idea is worst than finale. -1 of 10


I don’t agree with this idea at all. As it is, the Incursion meta has been all about survivability and turtling 'til late-game since it was established, a hardcore mode would only be even campier and make it that much worse for teams with a disconnect or early quit, I also don’t think 3v5 comebacks would be too common, generally if you control mid for most of the match you outlevel the opposing team as you hold them at the choke, pretty hard to comeback from that when if you die once you’re out…

Then there’s the current playerbase to consider, new playlists are constantly dividing the community, adding a sub-mode to that would not help matters…


Hmm I gotcha guys… what if players had only 3 lives?

I agree with people being overly defense…

Dude, this is just such a bad idea in general, I’ll be honest. “Hardcore” anything sounds like Battleborn is trying too hard to copy CoD and no matter how you look at it, limited lives in a MOBA type game is not a good thing. If you like Hardcore, there’s a game that specializes in it. CoD. Not Battleborn

I’m sorry I don’t like the idea either. I think it doesn’t depend on how many lives you have, but how tactical you use them. Playing your meta would result in a montana being guarded by miko, reyna, ernest and alani or a fullout camping meta.

Such Hardcore Variants punish melee BB the most, cause they have to get in and even if they can somehow analyse their situation and health there are always unexpected damage sources. I would rather change this variant that with each death the respawn timer is upped by a bit, so that you have to value your life higher but then, that would punish newer players with more deaths.

Don’t forget about the minion wave now… Most people probably would camp, and I agree with the melee characters being punished, but I think those melee characters have an advantage to taking out the wave. Rath, Él Dragon, etc. And I agree with Montana being defiantly sheltered by those other characters, but even he couldn’t take out the whole minion wave by himself, maybe with some help from Ernest… Not to mention thralls. Thralls already have a big impact on the game, but if players only had 3 lives per say, the minion waves, pushing the minion waves, would matter that much more. Fact, the whole game would revolve around the wave (not that it already doesn’t, but more so), especially if players are playing so much more defensively. And don’t think that just because the wave is so important players wouldn’t attack other players. Simply the lure of 3 lives is to addicting. So both The Wave, and the players would matter more so. That’s Hardcore.

I think that would encourage also more of turtle CC meta and people gang up on single BB to kill them. And they only have to succeed once cause if people lose life they are more cautious, which means they would be defensive and it will be the same matches as usual

I normally lose 0-2 lives in a usual match, because I can analyse the situation and know when to attack or retreat. If the amount of lives mattered, people would pick way more healers and be less tactical in that way

Also I don’t get the point why the game would focus more on the wave. If one team just focuses on the wave and the other one ambushes them they either die, have to retreat or run into the wave and thus get more damage. There a people who can deal with waves like Thorn,Orendi, Ernest etc. Some people just play like assassins, so it would be kinda lame that they also forced to focus on the wave.

Fact is that you could build a game more focused on the wave if you change the pattern and the units of the wave, so poeple have to plan to defend against. Like e.g. put a ronin in every fifth wave, which doesnt attack other minions but only players or put different amount of minions in every wave for every team(First one gets 5 and enemy 10 and vice versa). But if you center the mode around the amount of lives than killing people is more important than to survive, because if killed people wont come back you win easier instead of dealing with the wave.

Sry for my bad english btw :slight_smile:

Nah man not at all. There are 2 ways to win the game. Either by pushing the wave, or killing (in this case, eliminating) other enemy players. If players are playing defensively, which is predictable, then THE WAVE becomes more important… it just gets more attention. Think about it… if a player IS playing super defensively, theres only a certain number of offensive moves you can ever pull off. Think about Oscar Mike trying to shoot down Ernest here, perhaps starting from a long distance. You can’t hit all that much. Suddenly it’s not just ABOUT targeting specific characters in general… it’s about what POSITION you can get THROUGH the wave… about what tight situations you can force you’re opponents into… about advancing slowly through the battle field… maybe getting close enough to shoot that dang Ernest… The wave becomes more important.

Also, I changed my idea… Imagine each TEAM having only 3 lives total.

Than please tell me in which map you can Play defensively without being targeted. For example overgrowth map you cant play defensively in the middle of the map without being targeted by the team or turrets etc. So what is your other option? Hiding behind the ledge or behind the corner of the sentry and then target the wave. And thats the same situation as if you get pushed but now you are doing it on your own.

I think you overestimate the wave as some tactial wellspring. Even at the end a wave could easily be cleared by some BB on their own. What do you think if all 5 BB try to engage a wave. It will be erased in mere seconds.

So you have to wait at least 2 minutes for the next wave and only battleborn in the middle. So yeah if waves would be more durable maybe, but now they have not that importance they should have and won’t have it by implentening your plan.

Btw it would be far more interesting if you would’nt have a limited life supply but a limited minions supply. With lets say only 10 usable waves you would have to protect them more to push through.

The waves don’t need to be more durable… they come and go as frequently as Battleborn target each other. Shooting people “Oh look, its a wave!” shoots wave "Oh look more people! Shoots people No, I don’t think the wave would take away any of the action of killing each other.