New Ideas for Borderlands 2, Weapon Sandbox Idea

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I’m rather questioning why alot of people want gunsmithing in a game who’s gameplay is based around farming gear that’s tied to RNG.
[/quote]You guys already have my steadfast position on it.

i think the sand box mode should be a individual game mode almost like a reward after beating the final playthrough for example in borderlands 2 i just completed uvhm which in reality i beat the first two days uvhm came out but anyways say i just beat it and like the previous playthroughs it would says the congrats thing and all that but it would then unlock borderlands sand box mode which you would select from the playthrough option and be able to make custom maps based off of a actual game map or make your own from scratch and include every game variable like jump heaight gravyity yes loot drop lol every one needs a good lootsplosion once in a while but also combine boss fights make new bosses out of previous ones and maybe even custom missions