New Ideas for Legendary Classmod(s)

•The idea of this just came from the desire of wanting more ways to play our beloved Vault Hunters, I plan on posting more concept ideas of Unique Classmod ideas in the future. Let me know what you people think!

Uniques Classmod Bonus:

• Whenever Zane is Strafing his weapon gains Greatly Increased Accuracy and Handling. The greater Zane’s Accuracy and Handling are the more Gun Damage Zane gains. Zane gains Increased Critical Damage the fuller his shields are. Scoring a Critical Hit has a chance to regenerate his shields at increased rates for 3 seconds.

Skill Boosts:
• Nerves of Steel
• Ready for Action
• Brainfreeze

The inspiration for this classmod Idea:

• I’m not sure if you have data for skills selected by players but if you don’t then let me tell you that no one ever picks up Zane’s ‘Nerves of Steel’ skill so I wanted to come up with a synergy that made it worthwhile using. ‘Nerves of Steel’ makes it to where Zane’s Accuracy and Handling are constantly being increased the longer his shields are full with a max stack of 15, This effect is completely lost when his shield breaks. Accuracy and Handling bonuses are almost always a never appealing factor to use for most players so I figured rewarding damage bonuses for the more Accuracy and Handling you have and a way to maintain a full shield to constantly have ‘Nerves of Steel’ active to keep that damage bonus was a cool little synergy. Brainfreeze kinds explains itself, in the sense that the more accurate you are at hitting crits the better the chance of activating Brainfreeze is, just some nice utility.

• The chances of this idea being added to the game at some point is probably close to non-existent but it’d mean a lot if you Gearbox folk took some inspiration from these ideas! I have several Classmod ideas I’d like to share here :slight_smile: (Mainly Zane ones as of now)

I also forgot to mention, the name I came up for this Classmod is ‘Fleet Footer’.