New Incursiom Meta?

So since the release of Alani I’ve noticed a huge shift in meta for incursion. Duo support has always been decent but without a good damage dealer was never a big deal. However with Alani’s combination of survivabilty, damage and healing, damage is no longer a problem. The seemingly must have team comp now is Miko, Alani, OM, and 2 tanks. The particular tanks can vary but should have at least 1 good siege tank like ISIC or Montana.

Now let me explain why this comp is the new go to. Alani and OM’s great aoe wave clear allow the team to get a quick push at the start. At this point the tanks can move forward and harass the opponent team. The opponent will inevitably try to push them back but the Miko would make the tanks near unkillable. A good assasin may try to get behind the tank and kill the Miko but the combination of Miko’s self heal, and Alani’s burst heal will make him hard to kill as well. The assassin will most likely end up getting cc’d by Alani and Miko long before they can kill him. Which inevitably buys enough time for the team to kill the assassin or force the retreat. You could try to focus the Alani but her natural sustain plus self heal makes her very hard to kill as well.
I have witnessed this composition absolutely demolish and unless something changes, I fear the assassin characters will completely phase out of Incursion. Has anyone had any luck against this composition without using the same composition? I kind of hope this doesn’t become the meta, I liked having a variety of roles in a match.

I’ve seen this many times myself and been able to win but it’s a grudge match where every inch of the battlefield you are punished. Thing I don’t like is if my team misplays not using this combo we can suffer a push that takes down our sentry two strikes like that and we’re out. However, say the Alani goes too deep without support and I get behind her as a burst damage dealer like orendi and she can survive long enough for a Miko to show or her team to show or she escapes. There’s no real punishment for that team comp should they make a mistake. In the games where I eeked out a victory it was thanks to a lucky push that took out two or so of the opposition.

You can’t pull your foot off the gas on this one, keep the pressure up for now.

i would say

Gal ( for pull )

as flat team component.

Thorn as long range dps + burst would be fine, and i would like reyna as third support + damage boost ( when the bubble hit, damage boost and when about to expire gal’s pull ).

Interesting choices and I’ve gone up against a similar comp (all support) this one at least has thorn for minion control and dps but doesn’t this comp run the risk of not having enough dps to complete objectives. In an incursion map they may not be able to down a sentry and in a meltdown map they won’t be able to keep up the pace once their goal posts move back.

I wonder too how long this will be the new meta once Alani receives her nerf.

I’ve noticed this as well. A lot of Alani and Miko combos going on. Kind of annoying but it can be beaten.

I Didn’t play incursion since a long time, tried again, went against alani + miko + montana
Both support only healing montana
Most boring match ever.

I’m usually annoyed by people playing miko because of how OP and infinite the healing is, but now I just don’t play incursion anymore.
It’s boring and not fun in any way nor counterable because of all the CC

I like Alani, Miko or Reyna and Boldur. This allows Boldur to hold the line extremely well, and if he needs to block and back off, Alani can push with Boldur gets health back.

Honestly, I feel like an entire Eldrid team is extremely dangerous. Thorn pushes as well as OM, there are two very effective tanks (Both later-game characters, but given the healing and early game strength of Thorn, Alani, Miko and Melka, can soak up damage effectively, wave clear and harass for quicker leveling), Melka does great damage quick or burn them enough for someone else to get an easier kill, so she benefits hugely from a beefy tank, and Alani can control the flow of battle on a whim (Hell the healing Geyser helix at lvl 1 would do wonders with how Boldur can hold several attackers at once).

Had a PuG yesterday where we had a WOODSWORN comp (It got me his Legendary, lol), and it was beautiful.