New Incursion Map Monuments: No Lessons Learned from Overgrowth then?

Just played Monuments for the first time and man…what a clusterphuck of a map, it is as though no lessons at all were learned from the exploits in Overgrowth and instead they were actually the basis to design Monuments.


All a team has to do is dominate the middle ground and you have total access from the halfway point to attack the first sentry, and the 2nd is hardly “round the corner a little bit” either.

Literally just get your team to the half way point and thats it, have more than 3 gun wielding characters and the sentry is cannon fodder at long distance…you lose first sentry and game over and it will happen in minutes.

So yeah, congrats on the design here proving nothing was learned from an exploit tactic you had you fix in overgrowth Gearbox, and Monuments is born with that glitch X 10 in BS factor.

What a shame


Uh, well, I mean… Push back?

If it requires a team to dominate the middle ground, then they are playing well and the opposite team isn’t.

People are still learning the ins and outs of the maps. Maybe wait before you make a claim like this?


Pushing Back is very much the general default tactic in any Incursion match, but you play on Monuments and get to the half way point in the map and just look at how open the first sentry is, literall just get there move to the left or right and boom…1st sentry at long range and wide open like a canyon.

Noticed it the second I reached the point in the map and literally watched as the premade team of 5 100 Level players literally sat back with Marquis, Thorn and Mellka and just pew pew bang banged from long range. The very thing that was considered an exploit on Overgrowth, the very thing the devs admitted to requiring fixing which they did, now a whole new map is just one huge reproduction of the same tactic.

You will see, first team to take the middle point will have the match, and far easier than Overgrowth or Echelon.


THere is a tooooooo long straight line before the sentry, so it’s nearly impossible to go with melee -__-

Yeah people were like two lane map cause it like naturally reduces the cluster and adds a hell of a lot more tactics into the game.

Instead we are stuck with ARAM 24/7.

I also did notice all the back door spots and the hide behind wall against the sentry. It really shows they did learn nothing. Also not having the thumper really inhibits your chance to defend the first sentry.

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It’s very easy to get behind the team pushing now, from your own side of the map. There is also a ledge that you can use to defend, that is located right above that point. I see no problems yet.

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It was though they thought, “Hey do you hate backdooring? Well here is a map FULL of backdooring.” “Want to shoot the enemy sentry from a mile away? Here ya go.” I have tried to defend Gearbox over and over again but this map is simply ridiculous.

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I remember reading that was the whole point, that whoever has the middle, has the map. The whole point is to push back and I believe there are plenty of ways to get inside (I haven’t played the map just yet, but it was mentioned in a recent article over on 2K)

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that’s the point of the map. There are so many ways to get behind, above, below the team dominating the middle, you’re not supposed to use that stupid tactic of “we sit around the sentry and defend there”.
Technically, if you do that, you should be losing.
Teams doing it on overgrowth are annoying.
You’re supposed to defend the sentry, not have the sentry defending you.
The snipping from their own sentry position was bad and was corrected on overgrowth. There is no such problem on Monuments.


note: Your team can camp next to the minion spawn, the Super Sentry can’t see you, the spawning minions can’t see you.

Yeah, not a fan of Monuments but I do like the new Meltdown Map.

I’ve only gotten a couple of games on monuments, and while I can see where you’re coming from, it’s not the map. It’s you.

Overgrowth and Echelon are EXTREMELY linear maps, with very few pathways that bypass the central arena. Monuments is everything but linear, and requires you to no longer think in straight lines but 3 dimensions. All the sniper perches you are so worried about are very exposed and relatively small. ANY form of AoE will push the sniper off for a good long time. They all also have multiple ways to reach them, and the windy nature of the map encourages you to sneak up there and ruin their day.

Where the previous two Incursion maps are essentially 10 man scrums (for non rugby players: 10 people butting heads and pushing as hard as they can), Monuments revolves about positioning, repositioning and smart use of the many paths. If you try to play the Overgrowth/Echelon game on Monuments, you’re going to loose.

Adapt, progress, learn, get better.


I know how Incursion works my friend, I also understand what they have tried to do with the new maps, Outskirts gives Meltdown an Incusrion feel and Monuments is a more open map to fight on.

But when a team, and I mean an enitre team with projectile attacks has to do no more than get to the middle, move to the left or right and all have free sight at the first sentry, regardless of how hard the other team tries to press, its an open goal/season for them. Its far too open for shooters and a distance melee characters cant do much either.

The length of the openess negates the time it takes to go behind the other team, they have that free time to shoot into the sentry and its far too easy for a dominating team to just stand at half way point and have at it.

Also you assume the “stupid tactic” is all a losing team is doing, they arent, its the openess that allows a quick team with guns to do real damage.

Maybe its early days but two match on Monuments and I wont be voting for it again.

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I guess I’ll post here rather than create my own topic but Monuments is fantastic. Putting the lane on a horizontal like that makes it a lot harder to snipe the sentry. The number of approach options keeps the match dynamic. You never know when someone is going to pop up behind you. The shards are better placed because in Overgrowth a team dominating mid can completely lock the enemy out of 3 big shards. Here that’s not really the case. Plus, I like that there’s not so much “unused” space. The little hallway leading to mid Thralls on Overgrowth is just a weird extension that is almost never used. The occasional team fight might happen there, that’s about it. Monuments is just such a better use of space and every part of the map you have action going on.

The first Sentry is plenty defended too because you can only approach it from such a narrow hallway, so unless you have Minions there to distract the Sentry, it can and will chew you up. I honestly have been wondering if they stealth tweaked the Sentries as Monuments is the only map where the Sentry has felt dangerous and actually attacked me and driven me off.

I don’t understand OP’s complaint at all. If you cannot push the opposing team out of the narrow lane to the Sentry, then you deserve to lose. First off, you can basically cut off their retreat since they have to go back down the entire horizontal lane to get back to base (unless they can jump up onto the ledges) and secondly, like I said before, the Sentry itself will chew them up without minion cover. Monuments feels like they’ve learned a ton from Overgrowth and Echelon.


Not a fan of the perch that Benedict can get near the sentry, where he can fire lock on missiles w/out being seen.

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It’s still early in this maps life but I love it so far. Will see how things turn out over time, but so far I like this map the most. I see so many possibilities in strategies, and different team comps. I can’t wait to see how this evolves.

The map looks pretty neat so far, in my opinion.
However, is there a supply station near the first sentry? I have only found one at the back, which seems a bit useless, seeing as it is so close to the respawn.

I do like where the mid thralls are stationed. I actually managed to sneak behind enemy lines w/ Ambra, take the 2 thrulls, go to other team’s 1st sentry, and solo (ok, the thrulls did some of the help) the sentry to death. Best sentry kill ever.

You know what’s awesome about internet forums? It’s always full of calm, rational, “let’s give it some time so we can figure it out” sort of reactions when it comes to new stuff. Oh no wait it’s pretty much the opposite of that.