New Incursion Mechanics, Thoughts?

So I’ve been an avid player of battleborn since beta dropped (Currently rank 91, with Ambra/Phoebe/Boldur all mastered). I tried out a few matches of incursion on overgrowth with the new patch, but it doesnt even feel like pvp to me anymore.The minions and thralls seem to take too much of the emphasis with this new setup it seems. I really enjoyed the prior setup (minus the obvious geometry catches and marquise cheese sniping), but I’m not entirely sure what the basis was for the minion changes.

Because the game mode is about pushing minions… And, like you said yourself, they weren’t that important. Now they are. Welcome to a moba :wink:


We proper MOBA now, lesse give it some time for the changes to set in. Now thralls have some weight behind them and contesting mid thralls became even more important , its like league now where teams try to contest every dragon spawn.

Looks like I’ll be taking up other game modes or games, shame, really liked how battleborn didnt fit neatly into the moba catagory as far as incursion went. Ah well, mopping up in capture it is I guess.

The insta-gib-all-minions attack seems awfully strong.

I like Incursion a lot more now. I feel like teams have a chance to come back, and I like the minion pushing we needed these fixes and now I feel it is in a good spot.


Honestly, that’s great! That’s the point. I mean, killing the other team is still important but the game is supposed to be about pushing the minions. I love that they’re more important now and that getting the Thralls actually matters. Before we only got the Thralls as an afterthought, now I predict there will be a lot more fighting over the middle thrall camp in overgrowth.

It finally feels like and actually Incursion where two sides are trying to push into the others territory before it just felt like TDM with Galil and marquis exploiting, now everyone gets abit more shine and more teamcomps feel competitive and viable. Also with that said the jungle camps are ALOT more imporant, so now teams are more stalemated waiting for one team to make a mistake to get a big push with the jungle camps in sync.

I currently like the balance right now, sure there can be a few tweaks here and there but the game is actually enjoyable for me now because there are no huge exploits going on. Hopefully we wont be cut one head two more appear scenario. Like with phoebe and El dragon


Completely agree, I enjoyed the moba elements mixed in with players actively attacking the other team to try and wipe them and level up. Now its just attacking waves and waves of minions and shield minions. AOE attacks that can wipe minions waves run the game now. How are melee characters supposed to level up when certain characters can take all the xp by wiping waves by themselves. How many games have I played where a oscar mike or thorn are already level 10 while everyone else is struggling to reach 8. Most melee characters are irrelevant now. Overgrowth is so crowded with minions and constant overshields.

Every game plays out the same now. Wipe constant minions to level up, kill thraws once in a while. Reach a certain level. kill sentry. Player kills are no longer necessary and seem to only happen when someone is a little too aggressive.

Sorry for ranting, but I was enjoying this game before the unnecessary changes to incursion.

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Should try meltdown. Love meltdown.

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Incursion was supposed to be more of a moba feel, capture about pure pvp, and meltdown a mix of the two so I would say each game mode feels more unique now.

Each game mode may feel unique now, but now instead of battleborn feeling like its own game, its now three chunks of reiterated garbage from other games. I liked how battleborn filled its own niche, now incursion is just first person league of legends, capture is the same as any other shooter, except it has moba characters, and meltdown is unique, but i feel the game mode is too flimsy to really carry the whole game. If I had known battleborn was just gunna be another moba, I wouldn’t have spent the money on the base game, let alone the deluxe edition. I love gearbox because their games are innovative. Battleborn isn’t innovative anymore, by listening to all the “moba” players complaints that incursion isn’t a moba, they’ve essentially gotten rid of the uniqueness of incursion and said, screw it, creativity be damned, lets just give them a first person league of legends.

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lmfao, you people are more over-dramatic than my ex-wife.

“the whole game is ruined because Thralls can wipe the wave now.”

lol, okay then.


So because they are unique they are not unique anymore? What? I mean, all they did was give some more presence to elements already in incursion. The Thralls aren’t just annoying meat shields anymore, Shepherds are not an autowin status anymore. This makes the gamemode overall healthier than its previous state and more interesting too.


Besides sniper glitch, incursion was perfectly fine as it was. No one asked for these unnecessary changes.


A lot of people asked for similar changes actually, incursion was originally meant to be a minion push focused game mode but before these changes it simply wasn’t. People often ignored minions entirely to focus fire the sentry almost entirely with team damage. Personally I’m glad Overgrowth is no longer just a really narrow Meltdown map with one lane.

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Yeah, I really disliked how previously the winning team would then be further rewarded with shepherded minions after the 1st sentry went down.
Huge snowballing.
I can maybe count on a single hand the number of times a team has come back to win after their first sentry went down first.
As it was, it was basically whoever got the first sentry down won. The losing team could either surrender, or fight it out until the timer ran out (if they were good), and still lose. Only 20 minutes later.
I’m hoping these changes will have the desired effect on the game mode.

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Yea That’s always been the problem with aoe In games period is how rewarding they can be. Which makes it up to designers to find balance in giving a hero something that can affect several targets but not too strongly to be too rewarding in comparison to let’s say someone who only selects single targets.

Personally I’ve noted stuff like this all the time, Waveclear potential is just insane for some characters over the other, this isn’t league or dota where your last hits counts you can’t even see all minions health bars but can kinda tell by their animation if they are near death. OM, Orendi, and now alani, and ugh thorn. Marquis is still extremely potent at locking down with his aoe slow and birds he by no means a slow character or has low or no shield.

Anyways there only real reason I responded was to give maybe abit of hope, this may sound silly but try not spending any of your crystals if you use melee. Basically the entire first 5 minutes is just trying to ride out til you get your ultimate.i’ve been playing with way with rath and el dragon and i usually end up leading, building up your base, getting that middle turret and MK Elite, one time i noticed the more times we destroyed a teams shock turret the stronger and stronger they got because they kept rebuilding it. Really once a team can’t compete for the crystals the game becomes alil one sided. One team is rewarded more exp with more places to spend, the other is just pushed back with less and less option other than waiting for a mistake.

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So you mean, the progressive nature of video games? Isn’t CoD the pinnacle of reiterated garbage? Here you have a game offering 4 completely seperate game modes with 14 different maps and you really think the problem is having too much variety? You spent 60 dollars, don’t you WANT more to the game than 1 single game mode?

How can you call a game that is the first of it’s kind “reiterated garbage.” How is a genre defining unique fps/moba not innovative?

Talk about the game and not others, I highly suggest that the rules here are read because they are enforced.