New Information from interview

Oh I’m with you there, which is why I made the backlash statement. Darn those zeroes, was wondering why it wasn’t highlighting properly in the preview!

I sincerely appologise for my useage of ‘l33tsp34k’.

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I am hoping the challenges are pretty straight-forward. Like complete the campaign, play 5 PvP matches, build x number of turrets during a match, etc.

If it were something like “Get at least 10 kills against opponents in PvP and win the match”, that might suck for more casual players.

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No need for apologies, I only ever read these forums when I’m not supposed to, so attention to detail is severely lacking.

The rescuing of characters makes sense! For instance Mellka was shown (as what we thought) a NPC soon after the announcement. Maybe near the end of the mission, we rescue her and she helps us!

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Cue the speculation thread on how we rescue the remaining characters!!

Agreed on suckage, but that definitely sounds like a typical MP game Trophy/Achievement.

Thinking more about unlocking characters, this provides great opportunities to add more lore and personality to each of the characters. One problem with many MOBAs is there are so many characters but other than their looks and the few lines they speak during the game, there isn’t much lore/personality unless you search for it. And then in the case of League of Legends, they dropped all the lore at one point and claimed they were re-writing it with mixed results.

I have faith in Gearbox that they are doing the right thing with character unlocks to create a more engrossing experience.

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Another pure speculation: they haven’t updated the “Battleborn” page with the rest of the already announced Battleborn because the 10 there are the originals and we have to unlock the rest!

In hopes of not derailing this thread from talking about the updates from the interview, I posted this speculation on another thread closer to the topic at hand. See that here.

A speculation that does make sence in my book.


He was doing that ‘l33tsp34k’ again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t like it when people correct my spelling without me asking for it. So refrain from doing that in the future.

Really funny…

Sorry it didn’t come across that I’m on your side (I’m OCD about spelling but I won’t correct anyone unless they ask me to), I tend to make bad jokes that sound good in my head. In fact, I made one today to my wife … baaaaaad idea.

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Chill out man, I didnt mean anything by it. Its a joke.

You must not get along well with Microsoft Office…

MMORPG: So the end of the story here is not the end of the overall world of Bliss?

Randy: Not even close. :slight_smile: Unless you fail, of course, and let the star die. But you’re not going to fail, are you, Battleborn?

hmmm… if we fail, will we get a cinematic with the Varelsi winning the battle and Solus going dark ?

Or a old ‘continue’ screen, where a countdown starts so you had time to pump in a coin into the arcade machine. As it’s start counting down you will see solus slowly fading. When the countdown reaches zero a Varelsi jumps onto your screen.

As long as they don’t show that every time I close the game. Banjo Kazooie did that to me and it made me afraid of turning off my N64.

Glad I read this interview; I was under the impression we’d have 25 unlocked character-classes to choose from at the start. Unlocking some of them - or a bunch of them - isn’t a big deal to me at all, just don’t like things to be different than what I expect. :dukecigar: :dukecheese:

Also glad MMORPG did something about Battleborn. They’ve had to branch out from MMOGs because of the dearth of titles (especially decent ones), and I think Battleborn is a good direction to send people that are currently disappointed with the genre.

Awesome source of info. Thanks for sharing!

I like the unlocking of characters personally. If it makes sense to the story then bonus. Now i wonder if the main bad “Rendain” is a character. His right arm looks like it could do a few bad things. :smile: