New inventory (always updating). Looking to trade for some class mods



Infinity (50) Annointed: Siren Phaseslam gives 200% melee damage bonus
The Flood Annointed: Gunner kills increase Iron Bear cooldown by 30% after exiting it
The Duc
Devil’s Foursome
Wagon Wheel


Cutsman (Fire) Annointed: AS grants +50% damage as cryo for next 2 mags
Cutsman (Shock)
Crossroad (Cryo)
Crossroad (Rad)
Night Hawkin
Long Musket


Breath of the Dying Annointed: AS grants +125% against Bosses/Rares/Badasses
Lucian’s Call (Fire)
Lucian’s Call (Corrode)
Lucian’s Call (Cryo)
Double-Penetrating Alchemist
Faisor (Rad)
Laser-Sploder (Cryo)
Laser-Sploder (Rad)
Super Shredifier (Corrode)


Redundant Brainstormer Annointed: AS grants next 2 mags +50% dmg as Rad
Cash-Infused Brainstormer Annointed: AS grants 15% Lifesteal
Hellwalker Annointed: AS Grant’s status effect dmg/chance by 75%
Cocky Flakker Annointed: AS grants next w mags +50% damage as shock
Redundant Face-Puncher
Redundant Butcher


Lyuda (Shock)


Jericho (Rad)


Transformer Anointed Siren: Amara constantly emits shock Novas during Phasegrasp
Rough Rider


Recurring Hex (Rad) Annointed: AS gives free grenade
Recurring Hex (Shock) Annointed: AS gives free grenade
Sticky+Homing Quasar
Rain+Singularity Firestorm
Storm Front
Longbow Generator Trans-Fusion (Fire)
Longbow Generator Trans-Fusion (Shock)


Snowdrift Victory Rush

Class mods:

Clawing Shareware DE4DEYE (FL4K)
Desperate Entrenched Bloodletter (Moze)
Blessed Circulating Blastmaster (Moze)
Blood-Sucking Blast Master (Moze)
Bangin’ Bear Trooper (Moze)
Roaring Bear Trooper (Moze)
Breaker w/ Find Your Center (Amara)


Executor Class Mod (Zane) with NO Bad Misfortune skill

Executor Class Mod (Zane) with at least +3 to Bad Misfortune skill (yeah, that’s right)

Infiltrator Class Mod (Zane) with at least +3 in Violent Momentum (looking for good bonus stats on this one; I got a decent one but they suck on it)

Cold Warrior mod (Zane) this one needs solid bonus stats

DE4DEYE Class Mod (FL4K) with NO Go for the eyes! skill

Breaker Class Mod (Amara) with Find Your Center AND melee damage bonus

Unleash the Dragon Artifact with melee damage bonus

Those mods are the ideal I want, but if you have one close that has some good bonuses (weapon damage, AS cooldown, crit damage, etc.) instead, it might work too. Or anything else you think is awesome that’s not even on my list. I play all classes.

Also, if you have what I want, but I don’t have what you want, let me know and I might be able to acquire it through farming, trade, or the power of friendship.




Have this dead eye lf shotgun damage dead eye for my butcher 20191020_015835

Sorry looking for one without that blue skill on there. Also I think you asked about a giant-slayer on another thread and I am out of those right now. Sorry about that too

It’s all good. Keep me in mind,did you see anything I have, you might want for a future trade?

I don’t think so. I checked the DE4DEYE by the way, and it does not have shotgun or weapon damage anyway

No worries,I’m trying to farm one while I wait for a hit. I appreciate you getting back. Good hunting,friend.


I’ve got a:
Executor class mod,
+3 on Playing Dirty +2 Violent Violence.
Sniper damage +31%
Hyperion reload speed +25%
Maliwan accuracy +50%

And a lot of other stuff, most of which are annointed.
I need both of yours HEX, Firestorm, Cocky Flakker. Of course, if you interested in such a non-profit trade)

Thanks, but I got the mod yesterday. What I need specifically right now are:

Cryo Lucians call annointed with 50% dmg while SNTNL is active or Accuracy/Crit increased while Barrier is active

1 or 2 backup good non-AR cryo weapons (Crossroad, Butcher, King/Queen’s Call, Cutsman, Lyuda, etc.) with either of those same annointments

And 1 or 2 non-cryo weapons with the same criteria

A good shield (preferably Transformer) with a decent Zane or non-specific annointment

And an Ice Breaker mod (not Deathless) preferably with Cryo dmg/efficiency or other generally good stats

Farming the poop out of Grave today so I should have plenty to trade.

Interested in your breath of dying 100 Ase for unleash the dragon mod

It’s got bonus melee bonus stat at the bottom?

25 melee The artifact is listed with its bottom modifiers just look at the list

Sweet. Add me and we’ll do it

I saw you have your PSN listed and sent you an invite

Hoping on now will send via mail

Alright same