'New' item rarities not being added to the game, is kind of unclear

Been thinking about this since it was announced ‘no new item rarities would be added to the game’, the Oxford definition of ‘New’ is as follows ‘Produced, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time; not existing before’

Everyone reading this should already know BL1 introduced Pearl, BL2 introduced Seraph, E-Tech and Effervescent rarity and retained BL1’s Pearl, so there is nothing ‘New’ about these rarities if they came into BL3.

I’m still very hopefull that Legendary rarity is not the highest rarity we will see in BL3 and there’s alot more to come, but no ‘New’ rarity as already confirmed, but we could see old rarities possibly, maybe? :thinking: Hopefully :crossed_fingers:

Where an when has anyone at gearbox made that statement?

I like how you play with the wording tho honestly this is borderlands over all I could not imagine they will not any “new” weapon rarity to their game.

Also adding a rarity that exist in a other entry of the franchise I would still describe as new cause it clearly wasn’t part of BL3 before.

I assume it simply means ‘new to BL3’, which is the simplest explanation.

Each game so far has had different rarity tiers in various ways. For example, there were no seraph items in BL1, and we only had glitch weapons in TPS.

I was hoping for invicibles with each dlc an arena slaughter or some kind and. Seraph shops

I also was hoping for etech style weapons. Im kinda mad about it still. I wasnted a huge drum e tech.mega blaster assault rifle spewingnout orns in all directions.

I dont want less i want more.

i wish they would make the non legendary special items into a new “rarity”

i can’t imagine how many of these items i scrapped because i thought it was just an other crap blue/purple item…

this game is realy good at making yourself wonder “why isn’t this a thing” or “why didn’t they just do this”

I feel Monarch, Plaguebearer, Backburner, Reflux, Kaoson, and many stuff should’ve been new rarity gear. They’re often powercreep version of existing guns and it would make sense to add rarities so it is easier to distinguish stuff from DLC/higher mayhem lvls and base game.