New item rarity? Or item glitch?

Myself and my friend completed the Algorythm on Advanced. All went well, then on the rewards screen, my friend got an item of an unknown rarity called “Old Fashioned”. The item appears on a black background and appears to be a shield battery, and when he looks at his gear menu, it is no where to be found. Not sure what happened here, but I figure this is the place to let you guys know of the issue.

When I remember correctly they “banned” some gear items during the Beta.
These “banned” items were blacked out /shaded darkly to show that there not usable - I recognize your description and I´m sure I had this item dropped in the Beta, as you say with black background, being and “Old Fashioned”-battery gear. (In the Beta you had those in you bank, but they were useless.)

“Old fashioned” is a gear-prefix, like BL-weapons had, I think the bug placed this text on the wrong place.

Its strange you find such a thing outside of the Beta, maybe just a very rare glitch/bug. Have´nt found such bugged gear myself until now.