New jack starting build

Hello all I just started a new jack character last night (first time I am trying jack) I’ve seen a lot of lvl 50 and 70 builds but none on really how to start this character. Would someone mind giving me tips on what tree to start on or any other tips for my first run would be appreciated :smile:

Best Foot Forward is a really good starting skill and worth five points. After that, it really depends on what you want to focus on. Greater Good is a great tree and Leadership is one of his better capstone skills. I would do something like this @ 35. After that it’s up to you and what gear you have.

First you wanna play around with The Hero (Green) tree (Aim for Jack’s Cache ASAP) until you you hit level 22. Then respec into this. Then you can play around with how this tree plays coupled with BFF until about level 46-47, where you wanna respec and do something like this with a Jakobs shotgun a Vladof sniper. Then you’re basically in the build territory.