New latch mechanics under the hood

I see looking at current files, the CanBeReparied ability has a new paramater, which is RepCap in all examples I see, and RepCap is now refered to in loadLatchPointList, apparently listing the points that can be used for repairing. Salvage and Capture have their own separate lists. Ships that don’t specify these new named lists still seem to work fine, but they’re available for our use.

The only question for gearbox that springs to mind is if putting a latch point in more than one list would cause problems.

I noticed new behaviour on the repair corvette when playing Raiders Retreat actually, it doesn’t latch on anymore, it acts as if it’s attacking the ship it’s repairing. Much more visually appealing for beam repairers :smile:

I have a question too, can this new latch mechanic be used for capture ships? I’m thinking of a Borg ship with an assimilation beam like in STA2 here


The new repair beam was in an update a few weeks back.